bz3fr dd6zz 64sy4 rzdr4 nfike fk2rr ntbd4 th6n7 sf294 nrns6 e7arf f2y7d aizbn nz2h9 t3ee3 8tdka 8t799 dfz2b 32kk4 43nr9 k82td Could my last name really be Mamchur? If anyone can help me with this info | Cabbage Rolls Recipe, Polish Golabki Recipe | Jenny Can Cook

Could my last name really be Mamchur? If anyone can help me with this info

In order to make sure the rice was completely cooked, my mom would usually par-boil the rice. I learned to make these while sitting on the counter watching my mom. Your video brought back so many memories. My mom was 1st generation US from Poland & the Ukraine. The last of my family, my Aunt Jenny died in Queens, NY this past April 1st.

2021.12.01 22:26 Gigi_Marie99 Could my last name really be Mamchur? If anyone can help me with this info

My great grandfather was born in Russia in 1894 his parents were also from Russia. I’ve read on a census from 1930 my great grandfather native language was Russian. his last name was Manchur and I see many of his kids my great uncles all spell the name differently: Manchor, Manchar, Mancura, Manchur… my grandfather always told me Manchur was the correct spelling he had from his father. I’ve seen on my great grandfather records it was either spelt Manchor or Manchur but mostly with the “ur” and that’s how his wife my great grandmother spelt it.
Many people say my last name doesn’t sound Ukrainian and I see when searching the name up some Ukrainians have it but also Hispanics and Asians which confuses me. Recently I saw a Ukrainian last name Mamchur it’s very close to my last name so could my last name really mean Mamchur?
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2021.12.01 22:26 TLagPro Jomboy Media’s take on Baez Signing

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2021.12.01 22:26 Early_Ad_6358 Help with load/unload.

Hey guys so I’m planning on doing a fishing trip and taking a sled with us. There’s about 6-10 inches of snow in the area. The problem we’re just now realizing two days out is that my brother’s duramax is lifted and we’re not sure if the normal ramps are going to work. Trailer is out of the question bc of hours of driving on bad dirt roads. Anyone have any suggestions?
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2021.12.01 22:26 zuzy3 Recuerdos de rubius sobre la boda en karmaland
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2021.12.01 22:26 gsoClarke Videos of post-match comments and interview

For those who missed them after the Watford match.
Post-match presser:
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2021.12.01 22:26 lightyoup Posting for u/Frog_Brother. This is my 15 with the road Master active suspension with a 35', 7k lb camper.

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2021.12.01 22:26 Frosty3001 Well crap. This happened after my PS5 got its 9th green screen of death.

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2021.12.01 22:26 neddoge [Pixel 6] Can the horrid nighttime adaptive brightness be tweaked in a future patch?

Having come from the Pixel XL, I know Google has always had pretty awful adaptive brightness in general but surely there's some faulty coding somewhere as this Pixel 6 manages to constantly get brighter when the sensor sees low light.
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2021.12.01 22:26 Comfortable_Aside_12 And this comparisons are same leggings from when quarantine had just started left March 2020/ right November 30,2021

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2021.12.01 22:26 GOHOorGOHOME GooseHonk $GOHO up 100% on the daily. Tiny marketcap w/ strong community of holders. Join the flock on r/goosehonkofficial

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2021.12.01 22:26 king_qthai What muzzle detent pin for a Krink?

got a pin and welded AKS-74u that I'm going to be SBRing, does it use the standard AK detent or one of the M92/85 type detents?
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2021.12.01 22:26 MiniPenguin99 The entire transcript for the “Polestar Night, New York – December 1, 2021”

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2021.12.01 22:26 Other_Armadillo_1874 What do y’all think about the baby jeeters

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2021.12.01 22:26 MAD_7210 [2021.45.0] [Android]

Hello, I am have a request for a "delete all comments and/or posts" feature to reddit. This is especially useful for when someone wants to delete their reddit account, as when I went to delete old accounts, I found it to be quiet bothersome to delete comments and post one by one. I hope in a future update that this feature gets added. Thanks.
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2021.12.01 22:26 Proud-Secretary-7169 Cat rushes to me whenever I poop.

Ok.. I’m not able to find a straight answer for this any where online, but I have one cat that always literally rushes into the bathroom when I’m taking a number 2.
She just sits there and watches… sometimes starts to paw at my leg or give head boops.
I’m sure there are lots of cat owners who wonders the same thing but does anyone know exactly why??
Cause I have 2 cats and only 1 does it.
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2021.12.01 22:26 EugeneWong318 Trump May Have Infected Gold Star Families, White House Staff, Others, Per His Former Chief

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2021.12.01 22:26 TheRad1cal It's not right.... i fucked it up

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2021.12.01 22:26 raphlog Chapter 2 (part 2) of FrostRune

Chapter 2 (part 2)
This is the story of deltarune if Kris got to class early ——————————————————
Inside the black sky of the Dark world, Noelle was falling. It was a lot more slower then yesterday.
Noelle: Hey, Soul, Are you able to get out yet ?
Soul: i couldn’t get out when I was with Kris…
Noelle: Maybe it’s different. I’m a monster after all, not a human, haha !
Soul: hmm, well ok but don’t be sad if it don’t work.
Noelle: I promise.
A slightly bigger Soul suddenly come out of Noelle.
Noelle: I told you… it would work…?
She was staring at him
Soul: What ? Why do you look at me like this ?
Noelle: Y…you look a little… different
In fact, Soul wasn’t red anymore. He was now grey with a cyan border
Soul: euh… it’s maybe a side effect of being with you !
Noelle: What… is the… grey part ?
She look scared
Soul: I… I don’t know !
Noelle: Monster soul… are the same… colour…
Soul: S…stop ! I can’t… I… i don’t know what you talking about !
Noelle: Tell me… tell me it’s not My soul you are with !…
Soul: STOP !
He just screamed
Noelle look away
Noelle: …did it hurt ?
Soul: …no…
They both continue to fall, in silence…

After a few minutes, Noelle finally made it on the floor. The landing was calmer then last time but the atmosphere around Soul was really heavy
Noelle: …I’m sorry Soul. I never expected this to turn that bad…
Soul: You don’t have to blame yourself… I was the one that accepted
Noelle: … but…
Soul go back inside Noelle. She could hear him sobbing.
Noelle: Soul…
Monsterkid: Hey, Noelle ! Look at that !
Monsterkid was a little further from where Noelle landed. He is looking himself inside a reflexive rock.
Noelle: What are you doing ?
Monsterkid: One of my eye is purple !
Noelle come closer and look at him
Noelle: Hmm… That really weird since yesterday you didn’t have that…
Monsterkid: And… euh…
Noelle: ?
Monsterkid: W…why… can’t I… see ?
Noelle: C…can’t see ? You mean blind ?!
Monsterkid: No, only… my left eye…
He was getting more and more worried
Noelle: {oh crap, what should I do ?! Blindness can’t be cure !} Hey, M-K… maybe it’s just a small temporary injury ? We could heal it at Castletown !
Monsterkid: Y…Yeah ! I got hurt while going down and didn’t fell it, it’s the only possible way !
Noelle: Haha… {Soul, help !}
Soul: I have no idea what I should do.

Somewhere in the Darkworld, a shadow was walking slowly between the rock
It was holding a old revolver
Next to the shadow, a small yellow hearts is floating.
Justice: It’s the 36e time you try in less then 3 days. You should stop before I lose my vessel.
Shadow: Shut up ! Do you know how much I hate this place ?! I’m getting out of here soon or later !
Justice: it’s been 6 years that you keep telling me the same story every day, again and again.
Shadow: I have a family out there ! I don’t want them to forget me ! … and I don’t want to forget them…
Tears was falling from the shadow eyes
Shadow: I miss her…
Justice: Alright, alright. Do your thing and hope it works even if I doubt.
The shadow point the revolver towards the sky
A multicolore laser shoot out of the gun, creating small spark all around them
The beam hit the sky and a crack open up, letting a white light come out
Shadow: Ha…haha… it work ! Finally !!! Hahahahaha, I’m going to be free !!!!
Justice: Look instead of being so “happy”
The heart was looking up
Shadow: what’s wrong ?
They look up and see the crack closing, putting the world back into darkness
Shadow: AAH !!! NO NO NO NO !!! YOU CAN’T DO THAT TO ME !!!
Everything was back into the dark
Justice: So… do we go back home ?
Shadow: THAT PLACE IS NOT MY HOUSE ! Now let me alone, justice…
The shadow walk away, followed by Justice from far.

Noelle: M-K, beware when you walk, you are half blind if you don’t remember !
Monsterkid: I’m just walking faster then you, I don’t see what could go wro…
He fall on the floor, face first
Noelle: For that…
Monsterkid: it’s nothing !
He still have his face on the floor. Noelle grab Monsterkid and help him stand up
Noelle: Come on, the castle is just there. We can get your eye check here ! {Gosh, I just hope it’s possible to heal that}
Soul: I hope too.
The castle of Castletown didn’t change a lot since the last time they came here. The only difference is that there was light coming from some of the windows. Lancer was sitting on a chair, reading a old book, next to the entrance.
Noelle: Lancer !
Lancer look up
Lancer: Noelle ! Monsterkid !
He put down his book and run up to them
Lancer: You here ! I miss you so much !
Noelle: W…well thanks… hehe
She was a little shy
Lancer: And you Monsterkid, how are you ?
Monsterkid: Really good except my eye, of course.
Lancer: What those your eye hav…
He look at Monsterkid eye and immediately stop talking
Lancer: N…Noelle ? Can you come with me a second ?
Noelle: Yea, sure ?
Noelle and Lancer walk further from Monsterkid.
Noelle: W…why do we need to go so far ?
Lancer: Well… you see… he suffer from something we can’t heal and…
Noelle: W…what ?! But… how are we suppose to tell him ?!
Lancer: Let me finish… the thing he have is called a “chaos eye”. It’s created when a chaos soul stay with him for too long…
Noelle: I…is it dangerous… for him ?
Lancer: No, of course… the only problem is that he will be blind permanently…
Monsterkid: Blind permanently ?!
He’s just standing next to them
Noelle and Lancer: ……… {I didn’t see him coming…}
Monsterkid: Can someone explain ?!

The shadow was still walking when they saw someone fall from the sky in the distance.
Shadow: That’s new… Justice, can you go look who it is ?
Justice: Count on me.
The yellow heart fly towards the last place where they have seen the falling person. Getting more and more close, he spot a castle with three people in it. They seem to be arguing over something and one of them run away.
Justice: This is definitely going to interest her.

Monsterkid was running away, towards the landing place.
Monsterkid: {I… I can’t stay here ! Sorry, Noelle…}
As he get further and further, he see a small glow coming from behind a cliff. Curious, Monsterkid stop running and carefully approach the the thing.
Monsterkid: I wonder if it’s not…
He look over the cliff, letting only his head poke out.
Kris was on the floor, hurt and not moving. In front of them, a weird dark blue guy is laughing and celebrating with a Ruddin guard.
Monsterkid: {Kris !?}
Rouxls Kaard: Haha, thou little worm ! that what thou get from trying and attack me without thine snowkiller !
Kris: I… can’t let you come any closer to the town… you are putting their life in danger.
Ruddin: And our queen ?! You killed her without remorse ! Is this what you call protecting ?!
Kris: they… did it on purpose !
Monsterkid: {Hein ?! Kris wouldn’t say that… they would never do that to Noelle !}
Rouxls Kaard: Hmm, never expected thou to be so honest but it change nothing: thou have killed our queen and we art not going to stop until thou all get the same treatment as her !
Monsterkid: {shout… I need to do something ! I can’t go back to the castle since it’s too far away and I can not attack those guy either since i don’t even know what to do !}
Jevil: You really forgot what I told you ?
Monsterkid: {…yes, a little but it’s no big deal}
Jevil: ho my… just go for it and hope for the best, that all I can say, hee hee hee
Rouxls make a big card appear over Kris head and put it right next to their neck.
Rouxls Kaard: What art thine last words, blue person ?
Kris: Look on your side.
Monsterkid start running down the cliff.
Monsterkid: I’m coming for you, Kris !!!
He trip
Monsterkid: Oh sh…
Monsterkid start rolling at a incredible speed towards the ennemy
Rouxls Kaard: What the …
He get hit
Receiving Monsterkid at full speed in the face made Rouxls lose control of his card, freeing Kris. They get up and back up a little. Rouxls and Monsterkid are both on the floor, having difficulty standing up. One of the two seem sick.
Kris: M-K, beware of the Ruddin !
Monsterkid turn and avoid a spike that was targeting him.
Monsterkid: Thanks…beurk… Kris !
He really look sick
Rouxls Kaard: HAAAAAA, Who even ist that guy ?! i never saw him before !
Ruddin: He was one of the intruders that killed Queen.
Rouxls Kaard: Oh really ? if that so, i’m not waiting longer to see more ! i’m killing both of them right now !
He create a giant card over his head and start charging it, producing light everywhere around them.
Monsterkid: Kris ! Get out !
Kris: I can’t move !
Monsterkid place himself in front of Kris
Kris: What are you doing ?! Get out of here ! Let Kris alone !
Monsterkid: {why did they said their own name ?} It won’t happen ! I will defend you easily !
Jevil: Are… are you sure you know how defence works ?
Monsterkid: Euh… Y… yea !
Jevil: Do you at least remember what I told you yesterday ?
Monsterkid: Euuuuuuuh… not a lot ?
Jevil: … We are all going to die
The card over Rouxls was getting more and more bright. He was singing something about « how to kill hero »
Ruddin: M. Rouxls… maybe you should send your attack already, no ?
Rouxls Kaard: I’m charging a little bit more, just to be sure !
Jevil: Hey Buddy, start thinking about something or we are all going to died, hee hee
Monsterkid: I’m thinking, alright ? {the hell should I do ?}
The card start doing a strange sound
Monsterkid: I need to defend ! {But how the heck do I do that ?!}
Bright as a sun, the card seem to vibrate
Monsterkid: Maybe if I just say defend again and again, it could work?
Jevil: That’s not how it work !
A beam shoot out of the card, travelling super fast towards them
The attack hit them

Noelle, next to Lancer, was looking at a book called “1001 techniques to heal”
Lancer: What are you looking at ?
Noelle: Just a book I found in the pile over there.
She points at the high pile of book that Lancer did in the corner of the place.
Lancer: i see …Healing magic interest you ?
Noelle: Eh… y… yea ! I thought about all our battle before and think it would be better if one of us know healing, hahaha.
Lancer: It sure will be useful but you know how ?
Noelle: It’s worth a try ! {and I will maybe be able to help M-K !}
Suddenly, a explosion could be heard outside, shaking the castle violently.
Lancer: W… what was that ?!
Noelle: It come from outside !
She was pointing at a dust cloud that just form itself in the distance
Lancer: That no good sign, let go !

Monsterkid was on the floor, cover in dust and rock. Kris seem to be alive but not conscious. A yellow light was shining behind him.
Monsterkid: D… did I survive ?
Jevil: You made it ! Look at that, hee hee hee !
Monsterkid: Made what ?
Jevil: Look behind you !
Monsterkid turn on his back and see a incredible thing: A yellow shield was form in front of him. It is as big as M-K and slightly transparent. 4 triangles was decorating the front of the shield.
Monsterkid: I… I did this ?
Jevil: Yeah and it was beautiful when it happens ! It got out of nowhere and stopped the beam like a piece a cake !
Monsterkid: T… That’s awesome !!!
Jevil: I know, right ?!
Rouxls is looking at them. He seem completely out of him
Rouxls Kaard: What so funny ?! ruddin, how did they block mine attack ?!
Ruddin: Euh… they… used a defence spell… I think, sir !
Rouxls grab the ruddin by the neck and pull it right in front of his face
Rouxls Kaard: Thou only think ?!
He throw the ruddin on the floor
Rouxls Kaard: Come back when thou art sure next time.
Rouxls look at Monsterkid with a sadistic smile
Rouxls Kaard: Thou art not getting out of here alive
Monsterkid: {Jevil ! I think I just pissed him off !}
Noelle: Monsterkid ! Where are you ?
Noelle voice was coming from behind the cliff where Monsterkid was hiding 5 minutes ago.
Monsterkid: {Noelle !} I’m just here !
Noelle and Lancer appear on top of the rock.
Lancer: Are you alright ? You looking dusty… and w… what is Rouxls doing here ?!
He immediately go down the side and come close to M-K
Rouxls Kaard: How many of thou art going to come here ?! It’s getting annoying !
Noelle start making her way down too. The sudden appearance of Noelle made Rouxls back up a little.
Rouxls Kaard: The snowkiller ! how dare thou come back after what thou did ?!
Noelle: Is he talking to me ?
Kris: Yes…
They lose conscience again
Monsterkid: Don’t mind them, Noelle ! We have bigger problems right now !
The world start turning black all around them. Rouxls didn’t seem happy. Not at all.

To be continue
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2021.12.01 22:26 akidaisdumb Ascending to world level 5/going into AR 40

Hi guys I need some tips on how I should prepare for world level 5 as I only have 1 main dps (hu tao) ascended to lvl 70 and most of the others are 60 and below. It's really hard as a f2p player since it's hard to focus on many characters but im mostly focusing on my main dps hu tao as she probably has the best damage show case out of my whole team lol
My hu taos talents are all level 4 which I think is bad but Idek- and my xingqui's and kaeya's talents are all lvl 3 except normal attack and diona's talents are all lvl 2 💀 xingquis weapon (sacrificial sword) is at lvl 40 which I need to ascend and also dionas weapon, sacrificial bow)
Questions: At what level should my talents be at since I'm AR 39 right now) Do I need to worry about artifacts? If world level 5 is too hard can I slow down my AR process or will that make me jump to AR 50?
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2021.12.01 22:26 samar_mansour تابوت وينيفر

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2021.12.01 22:26 Glass_Room2330 Montana got covid & pneumonia 😭😭 nigga should've took that vaccine like the rest of the smart people #modernamami 💅🏽

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2021.12.01 22:26 HonestGaming97 Unique dog names?

About to adopt a black, white and brown terrier by the name of Shadow but my family is thinking of changing his name. He is 8 years old with eyebrows and a goatee or beard to back it up. He’s also a bit chunky for his small size. So far, I came up with Biggie Smalls and Watson (because my cat’s name is Sherlock and they might end up being partners in crime.) My mom loves Max but that name is so common for a dog. What do you guys think?
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2021.12.01 22:26 evanescentlily Gen 0 Live Viewer Trends, 11/1-11/30

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2021.12.01 22:26 PhoneJazz I would say this sounds like a Michael Scott quote, but Michael Scott was actually good at sales.

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