s44sb f2art dnt48 4z9e6 ybbr3 fs7ib e567i 7b98s ta6a4 54n47 fi9i3 3sfz5 h4zd2 89378 fr8br 36fby di7by z5b5n 6bese 5neti b33a5 Any good Rule Summary PDFs out there? |

Any good Rule Summary PDFs out there?

2021.12.01 21:33 Virral78 Any good Rule Summary PDFs out there?

I am wondering if the community has come up with any solid rule summary documents that can be printed out and kept with the game? I find in games like this that having a player aid handy can be an invaluable resource as an alternative for needing to hunt through the rulebook for each little thing. I've been hunting around but haven't found anything amazing so far.
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2021.12.01 21:33 untitleddocument13 Can't use nvidia-settings on PRIME diplays.

Can't use nvidia-settings on PRIME diplays. I can't enable "Force full composition pipeline" becouse the setting is missing from my NVIDIA X Server Settings app. I'm using an Nvidia optiumus laptop which has an integrated Intel GPU and a dedicated Nvidia GPU. As far as I know, both the built in display and the HDMI port are connected to the Intel GPU.
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2021.12.01 21:33 DrioMarqui El Salvador's President Asks the Fed to Stop Printing Money Out Of Thin Air

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2021.12.01 21:33 BuyLegitimate7022 Alguém aí está vivendo um relacionamento à distância duradouro?

Gente, alguém aí conheceu alguém de outra cidade, outro estado ou outro país, começou a conversar pela internet, e conseguiu construir um relacionamento com a pessoa, ou até mesmo vocês chegaram a se mudar para morar mais perto, casar ou morar juntos? Me contem um pouco sobre como vocês se conheceram, como se organizaram para se encontrar, como fizeram para dar certo, e se vocês já chegaram a se mudar para a cidade da pessoa, a pessoa se mudar para outra cidade, ou os dois se mudarem para uma terceira cidade. Quanto tempo vocês demoraram para oficializar o namoro, e para se mudar? Caso ainda estejam longe, vocês já tem planos de ficarem juntos na mesma cidade?
Eu só me relacionei com dois rapazes até hoje, e os dois de outras cidades, porém no mesmo estado (SP). Ambos moram a 100 km de distância, e é possível chegar nas cidades em 1h20 de carro. O primeiro eu namorei com ele por 18 dias, e o segundo a gente se encontrou 2 vezes mas não chegou a virar namoro. Eu tenho carro e não tenho problemas em dirigir essa distância, mas o problema maior é a questão financeira, porque eu ainda não trabalho e dependo financeiramente da minha mãe. Mas agora eu fiz alguns concursos em algumas cidades do interior de SP, e estou esperando me chamarem, pra ver se as coisas melhoram um pouco. Aqui na minha cidade é difícil encontrar um namorado. E a cidade nem é tão pequena, são cerca de 150 mil habitantes. Mas se tratando se relacionamento gay complica, porque é um público bem pequeno perto do tamanho da população da cidade. Se eu morasse em uma cidade maior como Campinas ou São Paulo, eu teria mais oportunidades de namorar alguém da mesma cidade. Ou se eu fosse hétero, seria mais fácil arrumar uma namorada. Mas eu quero ver os relatos de vocês sobre relacionamento à distância.
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2021.12.01 21:33 aceramictoucan Does pv=nrt work if you use ML and KpA? As opposed to L and atm

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2021.12.01 21:33 DBG_Vincy890 Triste

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2021.12.01 21:33 ThumbodyLovesYou Samsung Odyssey G9 locked at 60hz

I put together my new 49” curved monitor and when I plug my PC in, I can’t get it to give me any other option than 60hz refresh rate.
I am using the supplied HDMI that came with the monitor because that is the port that plugs directly into my 2060 super (I’m not great with this stuff, so I’m not sure if I have another option to use the supplied display port cable, but the 2060 does not have a direct port for that one and when I try the display port cable into the back of my PC, the monitor screen stays black).
I tried the monitor settings, I checked what I could in the Nividia control center settings (to no avail), and I scoured the web for answers, but came up empty.
I can use the thing at 60 and it isn’t the end of the world, but if I could get anything more out of it, I’d love to. Any ideas?
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2021.12.01 21:33 ECABTT nut

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2021.12.01 21:33 flamebroiledhodor Advice on bending wood?

I have been tasked to make my daughter a shepherd's hook for her Christmas pageant. I have this perfect 1" oak dowel to use, but don't have any tools or get up to steam it so I can bend a hook into it. In fact, I've never steamed/bent wood before.
Any advice on a poor-man's steamer?
I have this half-baked thought to crank my hot tub up and steam it in there. The max temp is 104F, is that hot enough?
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2021.12.01 21:33 Ennkey If it was supposed to fly, it would be called the lad flya - dressed up my tournament cart for the Austin GT

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2021.12.01 21:33 Venera_hot Would you like me to be a delicate flower for you?

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2021.12.01 21:33 BluestockingLife No surprises there.

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2021.12.01 21:33 PapaQBear01 Wealthica App Feedback

Some improvements I'd like to see:
Holdings tab - tighten up spacing between the investments
Transactions tab - tighten up spacing between the transactions
Assets tab - break this out into separate Institutions, Assets, Liabilities tabs OR list them on one screen similar to how the Holdings tab shows Equities, Tangible Assets, etc.
Settings - move to a cogwheel icon on the upper left of each screen so that it does not take up room in the bottom section
Not app related, but I'm still having sync issues with Simplii where sync fails every few days and the Simplii total on the Holdings tab does not include my Savings account while the Assets tab does.
All that being said, I'm really enjoying the app and I am always recommending it to family and friends.
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2021.12.01 21:33 incredibly-swag Spotify wrapped

Hello, spotify users. For how many minutes you have listened to AM? Who are your others most listened?
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2021.12.01 21:33 Flaming_Dutchman A: 「あなたの一番好きなスターウォーズのキャラクターは誰?」

B: 「アソーカ•タノ。」
A: 「あそうかたの。」
(A bit of a stretch, but Google Translate doesn't seem to mind it.)
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2021.12.01 21:33 mdl618 5453 2784 9367 will join raids for the rest of raid hour

Will join until I run out of raid passes
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2021.12.01 21:33 ThotBopper Are big chiefs bad or not

A lot of people say to stay away from them and a lot of people say they are fine.
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2021.12.01 21:33 Plane-Tap95 36m looking for a friend

Mid thirties. Looking for people to talk with. I don't have any friends to talk with and don't know what I could do to gain any.
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2021.12.01 21:33 Gurnika Real Time Strategy: Crypto ain't no (single) game

It's no secret that gaming is HUGE for crypto. As far as crypto goes this is surely that 'killer app', the gateway drug that will onboard millions, if not billions, of new users. And everyone wants a piece of the action, driving any (and it seems all) games up to spectacular, and already bloated valuations. While I cannot claim to be immune to this hype cycle (I FOMO'd into a little indie game I am almost certain I have no intention of playing before I'd even had time to reflect upon all this) I have subsequently been thinking about all this noise, and the other big thematic running the market presently, the metaverse, to try and find an angle.
So rather than investing in a single game, or even a Gaming Studio, or getting me a big old fat bag of MANA or SAND and buying the top after these have surely pumped, what's your average and reasonably broke investor to do? (its been a long bull run and I don't know about you guys but I'm fast running out of dry powder!) Throw it all into one project, and hope its the next Axie?
No, no and no. Seems to me that one should be strategic about this. And, please remember, dear reader, that none of the following is to be construed as financial advice, please always do your own research before making any investment decisions... that being said I do have the following thoughts to offer on how I am playing the RTS game called crypto at this point in the market cycle.

TIMING: Most of what follows centers around my macro view point as it stands in light of recent events. While I believe those espousing a 'lengthening' cycle are right, and this bull run still has a way to go before the curtain falls, we hit the matador's spear and collapse into a bloody bear market, this run is getting, like this sentence, a little long in the tooth. Many influencers on both YouTube and Twitter are looking for signs of a 'blow off' top, or confirmation that we are indeed experiencing the mythological "Super Cycle", the run to end all runs. And while they may be right recent events outside of crypto have given me cause to pause and evaluate where in the cycle we might be. Here, I am going to be preaching caution (please send all hate to our customer service team on 1-800- GET HELP) but please do hear me out, I have my reasons. A quick summary of recent events that have me concerned that a bear market may be hitting us earlier than most expect include: the Chairmen of several Feds selling their holdings on 'ethical' (!!??) grounds, hawkish rhetoric from Uncle Jerome as inflation begins to spiral out of control, massive amounts of insider selling among the mega-corps (Musk and Cook and their subordinates to name but a few), an ongoing global logistical clusterf@#k that shows no sign of letting up, and seismic tremors from China's real estate sector (sending out waves of defaults, and the questions that really have me worried: how much Chinese commercial paper is Tether calling collateral? AND what happens when those debt instruments are finally marked to market?). While it is true that time IN the market beats timing the market, with many small projects in crypto already at absurd valuations thoughtlessly FOMOing into the next game that launches promising mass adoption and five hundred new worlds to explore is, IMHO, a fast track to getting turbo-rekt.
With all this in mind my own approach is manifold, but first and foremost is about being patient. Beyond that I think now is always a good time to become more strategic about how I invest, and to begin to think about which kinds of projects are likely to survive the next bear market, if it indeed should occur. So rather than single games or gaming platforms what I am looking for and researching at present are those projects building out the infrastructure that will be necessary for gaming and the metaverse to become mainstream.... when it comes to that fast track I would rather bet on the rails, than any single train destined to travel along them.
If we are to see another hype cycle this late in the bull run I am of the firm belief this will occur among projects building out solutions to Ethereum's diabolical and hugely expensive scaling issues. Alternative Layer Ones have done very well this run, and I think have very little steam left. But what is of real interest to me are the so called Layer2 projects. Ethereum, lets face it, is where things are at, as I asserted in my previous post it is only those chains that differentiate themselves from ETH by targeting a different demographic that I believe will have a serious long term future in these markets. Most layer 1 projects are very much 'me too" projects and once the hype goes out of the market could face a fate similar to that of ADA (although to their credit most seem to, unlike Cardano, have a working product, so I could be wrong, and Solana in particular is going after gaming hard: Bitspawn is a little project on SOL that has caught my eye). But layer 2s have me excited and I am actively investing in them. Rather than mentioning a single coin I will merely mention a few projects I am looking at or holding: Large cap: Polygon Matic; Mid cap: Loopring, Immutable X; Small Cap: Metis. And please, please, please guys, do research the space before apeing in, there are too many projects to list here and my listing or not listing them is no guide of how to best take advantage of this nascent space. If you have any picks you are looking into or invested in please add them to the comments.
Why are layer 2s destined to grow? Simply put, no gamer is going to be able to afford over a hundred dollars in fees to buy an NFT that takes the shape of an in game item or skin or what have you. Micro-transactions such as those enabled by layer 2 ('roll up') solutions will be necessary for the entire gaming industry, or at least those games, workshops and platforms that launch on Ethereum.
With all that being said other projects I see having massive utility in the payments space are indeed protocols that bridge different chains, in that regard I have my eye on both Rubic and Synapse.
All these games and metaverse projects are going to require an unprecedented amount of GPU power, one that local and even cloud solutions are likely going to struggle to meet. To that end I think that the Render Network (RNDR) is another key piece of infrastructure for the future of gaming and VR and thus of crypto, and still has plenty of room to grow. Simply put this project is a network on Ethereum that is creating a vast decentralised pool of GPU power to facilitate "the process of rendering and streaming intricate virtual works" (source: Render Token Whitepaper) and a marketplace for 3D assets and tools. I highly recommend having a read of this white paper, IMHO this project has the potential to become huge.
This is getting over long so I want to bring it to a close. If there are two notions I hope readers take away from this little post its one, do look outside of crypto now and then to the state of the markets and economy in general to better time your entries (there are bound to be more buying opportunities in time so never rush in), and two, think beyond specifics to the big themes that are going to drive the growth of crypto going forward, and look for those projects building the infrastructure that is going to be necessary to realising this vast potential market. And a final word to those who have followed me, thanks for your patience, but I will post only when I have something I think is compelling and thought out to say, I am trying for quality over quantity with this little side project of mine. Any and all feedback is appreciated, as are ups for visibility.
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2021.12.01 21:33 kohlglo 🧸

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2021.12.01 21:33 Vapor069 Amazing detail. The second photo was taken from a moving car.

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2021.12.01 21:33 WambyofWillow Reneigh moving out

Reneigh is in boxes! trading for cooking/crafting recipes you have to spare :)
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2021.12.01 21:33 BlueDenimPants How to listen to Acoustic Version of “=“

We haven’t gotten official acoustic versions yet but until then this is what I got.
For all the mp3s already cut up here is a link, this website has all types of Ed Sheeran stuff including mp3s of the live performances of one life and penguins, mp3s of unreleased Ed songs and more.
I personally search through YouTube to find my favourite quality sounding version and convert them to mp3s myself
Here are noteable performances of “=“ acoustic
Ed sheeran’s first performance of the album acoustically on his IG live:
Ed Sheeran’s Acoustic performances for different songs on the album for JOOX (best quality but doesn’t have all songs):
Ed Sheeran’s second performance of some songs from equals on IG live:
I personally take my favourite version of each song, splice it up and put it on to my phone on iTunes, android users probably have their own way of doing the same thing too.
Enjoy guys😊
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2021.12.01 21:33 Spirited-Water-9659 I (17tm) am dating my girlfriend (15f) but everyone around me says it's disgusting. Am I disgusting???

Basically, as the title says, I'm dating a younger girl in my school. I live in a VERY conservative place that is ok with 15yr olds and 20yr olds to hook up if it's straight, and they have genuinely never seen a person like me, much less a relationship like ours. So I'm very confused about this.
They barely even see LGBTQ+ people, so this genuinely seems to boggle them. I'm basically a purebred marshmallow and she's (by her joking words) a 'mutt', who's a little bit of everything who identifies as black mostly. (She's a mix of black, white, and Mexican) I'm trans and questioning sexuality (love literally any human that would treat me well), and she's poly and pan. So yeah, they may think we're disgusting because of the LGBT interracial couple with a 2 year age gap, or I may be a closeted pedo. I don't know anymore.
We met through mutual friends, but we REALLY got to know each other through volunteer work. While we were eating at McDonald's after the job, we got to talking without interruption and we hit it off. I count that McDonald's corner the most romantic spot in Texas now.
However, while we really seem to enjoy each other, she asks that no one know that we're dating. She knows it will spread like wildfire as our school is BIG on gossip, and her homophobic mother will hear about it.
To deter people from knowing exactly who I'm dating, I only say little details that describe literally every girl that's in her grade but at the same time not exactly her to throw people off the scent. Every time someone would ask who I was dating, I'd hit them with old reliable. "I have a girlfriend.", "She's a sophomore, now quit talking.", "She's Latino. Happy now?" then I'd stop answering their questions if not flat out ignoring them.
Today, my 'friend', who is also my girlfriend's cousin, began to pester me on who I was dating. However today, instead of light poking like she usually does, she was trying to pry as forcefully as possible. So, as usual, I used old reliable. However, today I got a whole different reaction when I said she was two years younger.
Instead of a plain sigh and 'Fine, be that way.', everyone gave me disgusted stares and the entire classroom fell silent. They didn't even need to say anything, because their eyes said it all. I was completely straight-faced and stared them dead in the eye right back because I felt nothing was wrong with what was happening, after they turned away from sheer awkwardness, I snapped at her.
The class then went on as usual. When I vented to someone other than my best friend, they gave me weirded-out looks too. This made me wonder if my relationship was truly healthy, or if I'm a sick fuck who is giving myself excuses to feel better about grooming this amazing girl.
I told her about the situation, and while she's nervous about being found out she says that she cares about me. She says that how they think shouldn't matter about our relationship, only ours do. She finished it by saying she knows it sounds like a dumb Instagram quote, but it's true. But at the same time, their looks and words are really starting to worry me.
Advice? Is my relationship healthy at all? If so, how do I bounce back to being the boyfriend she deserves? I haven't really spoken or texted her afterward at all unless it was to say "I need some time to think please."
Please, I'm desperate for some help. I know my parents will accept me, but I'm still to tell them about what's happening.
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2021.12.01 21:33 ObviouslySensitive Book Recs for guys ?

I (26f) and a friend of mine (26m) decided to be reading buddies. He wants me to pick the books we read, but I read a lot of romance on my own and that’s not really his thing. We both like mystery/thriller but I don’t want to only read that genre. Anyone have recs that a guy in their 20s might like? Thanks in advance!
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