Advice for new sanbox settings

2022.01.16 15:12 Mattmo001 Advice for new sanbox settings

I am trying new settings with zombie set to insane and respawning off. I was just wondering if you guys had any tips for surviving with this many zombies or I was interested in finding out your guys sandbox settings that you love to play.
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2022.01.16 15:12 chloboe Can someone remove the car and the woman in the pink shirt + the dog?

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2022.01.16 15:12 jbrizzle87 Sonny Onoo on taking selfies in 90s WCW

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2022.01.16 15:12 clementine_lime Is it normal for hosts to ignore your inquiry?

There are a few places I would love to book on airbnb due to the price, but the hosts don't respond to my inquiry (where I asked two questions, like what is the noise level from above and how the separate door is accessed).
I sent them a short, friendly message and revealed my intention to book a few months. It sucks because my top choices are all not responded to and the responsive hosts have listings that are priced a few hundred dollars/month higher.
I have a new account made a week ago and put up a profile pic, is it common for half of airbnb hosts to ignore your inquiry? How big of a risk is it to book a legit looking place (with a few reviews) with a host who ignored your inquiry message?
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2022.01.16 15:11 kimtw1121 Do you agree that Aquatic Pack is the best DLC in Planet Zoo?

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2022.01.16 15:11 Kailetto No matter how you slice it, the most dangerous/successful Ghostface is...

She not only took out one of the golden trio - and did so in unambiguous, brutal style - she also stabbed Sidney potentially fatally (we know it wasn't, but it could have been) and shot Gale, again potentially fatally (ditto as with Sid, it didn't turn out to be, but it could have).
No other Ghostface has come even close to that kind of record.
Mrs Loomis is probably next, having killed Randy and having come very, very close to killing Dewey.
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2022.01.16 15:11 inmeucu Hypersimulator - Motion Racing Simulator Prototype Build

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2022.01.16 15:11 QuothTheLurker New BP5 taunts revealed.

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2022.01.16 15:11 Disastrous-Nebula463 How far are we? "ionizing radiation (IR). The molecular basis of this extremophile phenotype, involving strain isolates with a 3-4 order of magnitude increase in IR resistance..almost entirely accounted for by only three of these nucleotide changes, in the DNA metabolism genes recA, dnaB, and yfjK"

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2022.01.16 15:11 DoctorSkeeterBatman JUST TAKE A NIBBLE ALREADY

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2022.01.16 15:11 Tutlesofpies New Pc build would like to see your opinions.

  1. >**What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.**
  2. Playing videogames mainly games like League of Legends, Back4Blood, FNAF Help Wanted, Fallout 4, Yakuza 0 and also for HW.
  3. >**What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?**
  4. Max would be around 1,000
  5. >**When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.**
  6. Near the start of next month.
  7. >**What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc\)**
  8. I need a Case, Graphics Card, Motherboard, and maybe a CPU.
  9. >**Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?**
  10. I live approximately 1hr and 40 mins away from a Microcenter so that is a possibility.
  11. >**If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.**
  12. I will try to reuse my CPU which is an Intel Core I5-6400 2.7 ghz, my 2x8 corsair vengeance ram, and my current storage.
  13. >**Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?**
  14. I will not be overclocking.
  15. >**Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)**
  16. N/A
  17. >**Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?**
  18. I would prefer of the case did come with its own air filtration and fans, not a fan of RGB but if not costly I'm down for it.
  19. >**Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?**
  20. Already have something for that.
  21. >**Extra info or particulars:**
    1. I do have this
      2. Its a list of current parts that I have picked out but I would like to hear your guys' opinion.
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2022.01.16 15:11 mvpetri What does it mean "didn't ask + ratio"?

To contextualize: If you go to tenor and search for "ratio", you will get a lot of gifs like this
There are a lot of variants. The usual pattern being connecting some phrases with plus signs. For example: "Didn't ask + didn't care + ratio", or "cope harder + ratio". There are also association with the word bozo ("ratio bozo").
And there is also a copypasta with it.
My question is: Does anyone understand this? And, more specifically, what does "ratio" means in this comment? It seems derogatory, but I don't quite get it.
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2022.01.16 15:11 toodleoo57 Not even an origin scan in 5 days - what is the holdup in the system?!

I've been using UPS to mail things for most of my adult life - of course it figures the first time I have a real problem with shipping it's an eBay item I'm selling.

I mean, come on guys. If there's some problem in the system you could have at least let us know - I could have easily used a different shipper. And now I can't even call/ask questions b/c today is Sunday/tomorrow a Federal holiday.
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2022.01.16 15:11 Large_Command_1288 Is playboi carti better than lil uzi?

View Poll
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2022.01.16 15:11 Need4Life High Speed Traffic Car Crashes BeamNG Drive

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2022.01.16 15:11 totomoto101 Unleash the healing in one session only.

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2022.01.16 15:11 jrfalco318 Remember… all I’m offering you is the truth….

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2022.01.16 15:11 Rat-Bacon Need help identifying an older shotgun barrel my friend owns. He has had it for about 20 years and is not too sure where it came from. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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2022.01.16 15:11 scotman145 I got an intel core 2 duo and a amd a6 7480 3.8ghz. Wich will perform better on games? (Help)

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2022.01.16 15:11 thomasp3864 How to allow Leonin in Ravnica?

Hi, in an effort to give my players the ability to play most everything that is in a rulebook I have, I’ve been tryïng to figure out a way to incorporate all of the races into Ravnica. Goliaths are an obvious fit for the Gruul Clans; firbolg are obviously affiliated with Selesnya, Golgari or Gruul. I’ve even got unique lore for the Dreugar.
This brings me to the Leonin. Leonin are not usually hard to incorporate into a setting. You can typically plop them into the steppe or grassland region and just have them be another group of plains nomads. However since Ravnica’s whole thing where the whole plane is a city, I am not sure how to open it up to the players.
Cosmology is simply the normal D&D one, with the 4 elemental planes, material, feywild, shadowfell, positive, negative, the 16 outer planes, and the plane of doors. I only mention this because some seem to use the standard MTG cosmology, and I am not.
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2022.01.16 15:11 Ozymandias_K Questions from a starter (SRL/BV)

Hi everyone,
Given the great answers I received earlier today when I asked about my potential client inquiring about my previous rate (as an independent), I would like to continue asking some questions about founding a company:

  1. In the first four years, is it beneficial to not give oneself a salary since the low rate of taxation will apply anyway?
  2. Can I deduct a subscription to a newspaper like L'écho/De Tijd?
  3. Would you recommend the service startmybusiness to create the company?
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2022.01.16 15:11 crytoloover Saitama AirDrop TrustWallet

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2022.01.16 15:11 VlClOUSLY I made Birria Ramen soup, perfect for this cold morning [OC]

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2022.01.16 15:11 susanminter [Super Sale !] Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus only $19.99 ( Apply 30% Off coupon : PC143)


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2022.01.16 15:11 True-Site-1182 What was your most embarrassing moment that still haunts you today?

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