Two Turkish soldiers pose with a M15 Combination Gun Motor Carriage during the Korean War. Date and location unknown

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2022.01.16 15:11 JCFalkenberglll Two Turkish soldiers pose with a M15 Combination Gun Motor Carriage during the Korean War. Date and location unknown

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2022.01.16 15:11 shib_to_1_cent Has SHIB reached 1 cent yet?

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2022.01.16 15:11 DragonflyOpen2276 Please put a NSFW tag on NSFW content

Please put an NSFW tag on this. I was on the train and when I saw this I had to start furiously masturbating. Everyone else gave me strange looks and were saying things like “what the fuck” and “call the police”. I dropped my phone and everyone around me saw this image. Now there is a whole train of men masturbating together at this one image. This is all your fault, you could have prevented this if you had just tagged this post NSFW
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2022.01.16 15:11 KickPlane I’m 15F, Freshman in HS, 5’0” tall, and worried about my height

I’m also a full-blooded Filipino, and so we are naturally on the way shorter end of the ‘height spectrum.’ Heh.
I remember being only 4’7” tall, then getting my period at 13, boosting my height up to 5’0”. Now I’m worried I won’t grow any taller because I’m slowing down and my mom is 5’1” (dad is 5’5.5”), making me a little shorter than she is.
Could there be a chance of me growing an inch or two more? I’ve heard other women say they’ve stopped gaining height as soon as they reached 15-16, which doesn’t make me feel any better since I’m approaching 16 this July.
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2022.01.16 15:11 SuperCid28757 Should I keep?

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2022.01.16 15:11 Skalani Returning With Questions

Greetings adventurers,
Took a hiatus and now I am back... with questions. Thank you in advance for any input!
1) If a Storyteller's artifact is unbound (using unbinding tokens) for the purposes of moving from character A to character B, what happens to the four pages I purchased? Are they integrated into the artifact?
2) Is the Bard Mirage weapon set still bugged, meaning the illusions spawn but do not attack?
3) I am unable to earn progress on the first two Echoes of Prophecy campaigns, but can earn progress on the third. Am I locked out of progressing the first two? Is there a Zen solution?
4) Despite two full mods since Avernus, it appears Goristro's Horns and Rib Cage are still BiS for DPS. It also appears Mirage and Lionheart are superior to the new Mod 22 weapon sets. Am I missing something?
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2022.01.16 15:11 podium_fitness Weight Loss

To all admins please delete my post if you think that this post is not fit for the group. First of all thank you for the many advice that I have got off of this page, you guys all rock!! I wanted to give back some value to this community as well.. I was doing a lot of research and reviewing on supplements, services and programs which actually work when it comes to loosing weight. While I was reviewing I found effective and working products and services which I have posted on my blog, Which you can view here:
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2022.01.16 15:11 ivanfurlann I will capture these lightning in Super Slow Motion with the Fold 3 ⚡️🤩

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2022.01.16 15:11 MetallicaGunsNRoses The perfect backpack for any Zoo Story fan

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2022.01.16 15:11 jwminiatures Usually I avoid doing freehand outta fear of messing it up but I just had to fill that space. Happy to answer any questions and C&C is welcome

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2022.01.16 15:11 peachyfairyy my bmo

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2022.01.16 15:11 joaquom_the_wizard Howdy! I have this Tanto, and I’m rather curious if there’s anything on the tang, but I’m unsure as to how to take it apart, what should I do?

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2022.01.16 15:11 LetMelone 2 Spieler suchen ein Team

unsere Accounts sind Tier 1. "verrückter mongo" war diamond 2 und ich "MAD Lions" war platin 3.
verrückter mongo ist jgl/adc und ich bin flexibel.
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2022.01.16 15:11 5g3regg Polka City on Twitter: Breaking News! A shopping center NFT has been sold for 173k usd on Opensea

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2022.01.16 15:11 SamuAnaniziMiSikti amin var mi

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2022.01.16 15:11 hey__its__me__ Occidental/Interlingue is 100 years old. If you haven't already, check out this international auxiliary language.

Some links
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2022.01.16 15:11 danceunderwater Can someone help me identify a PNB I never finished from years ago? I don’t have the paint or key anymore.

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2022.01.16 15:11 Significant-Expert33 Is Cyprus Turkish or Greek? I am confused?

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2022.01.16 15:11 Toximisity Looking for players for a private server.

Hello, so I am looking for a small group of people to play a modpack in a private setting. I will be hosting the thing myself. Looking for people who can atleast handle themselves in a modpack solo, without help, people to bounce ideas and work together with. English and a decent mic (By decent I mean you are audible and we can understand you) are required as this will be done through discord and will be started up on a set of hours usually from 8 AM CST to Midnight or later CST. The server will have dedicated 16 gbs of ram or more depending on the amount of people that join. This is intended to be a server where we work together on the same base. The modpack choice is up for discussion, just simply trying to get the people together and then choose a modpack later.
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2022.01.16 15:11 northhillbill Crimson Crested Woodpecker, Panama

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2022.01.16 15:11 Educational_Cat_5569 Upvote and drop address

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2022.01.16 15:10 shanewriteshorror Current Free Agents and Where I think they should Sign

Where I think the still active Free Agents in MLB should go, and I mean all of them. (Age, Fangraphs WAR).
Luke Maile (31, 0.3)- BAL, TOR Stephen Vogt (37, 0.1) - OAK, SEA, PHI Grayson Greiner (29, 0.0)- DET, NYY Jeff Mathis (39, 0.0)- RETIRE Rob Brantly (32, -0.1)- TB, NPB Yohel Pozo (25, -0.1)- BAL, CHC, LAA Wilson Ramos (34, -0.2)- DET, CWS Jose Lobaton (37, -0.3)-TB, BOS Robinson Chirinos (37, -0.4)-RETIRE Kurt Suzuki (38, -0.4)- NPB Andrew Knapp (30, -0.6)-OAK, KC Chance Sisco (27, -0.6)KC, NYY Austin Romine (33, -0.9)NYY, NPB David Garcia (22, N/A), TEX, ARI, PHI, ATL
First Baseman:
Freddie Freeman (32, 7.8)- ATL Anthony Rizzo (32, 2.7)-BOS, WSH Brad Miller (32, 1.8)-STL, PHI Ryan Zimmerman (37, 0.4)-WSH Colin Moran (29, 0.3)-MIL, HOU Daniel Vogelbach (29, 0.1)-NPB Ronald Guzmán (27, 0.0)-NPB, CIN Danny Santana (31, -0.3)-NYM, CWS Todd Frazier (36, -0.4)- CIN, SEA Albert Pujols (42, -0.4)-STL, José Marmolejos (29, -0.6)-KC, HOU Mike Ford (29, -0.8)-TEX, SEA, MIA
Second Baseman: Donovan Solano (34, 2.0)-BAL,NYM Josh Harrison (34, 1.8)-DET,TB Jed Lowrie (38, 0.9)-BOS,OAK Chris Owings (30, 0.6)-LAA, MIA Jason Kipnis (35, 0.6)-ATL,CLE Matt Carpenter (36, 0.0)-STL, CLE Jordy Mercer (35, 0.0)-PIT, MIL Greg Garcia (32, -0.2)-BOS, WSH Dee Strange-Gordon (34, -0.3)-CIN,MIA,LAD Franklin Barreto (26, -0.4)-MIL Rio Ruiz (28, -0.4)TEX, OAK, LAD Marwin Gonzalez (33, -0.5)-MIN, HOU Eric Sogard (36, -0.7)-RETIRE Pat Valaika (29, -0.8)-NPB,BAL
Third Baseman:
Kyle Seager (34, 4.0)-RETIRE Kris Bryant (30, 4.0)-LAD,PHI,SF Jonathan Villar (31, 1.8)-CWS Matt Duffy (31, 1.5)CHC,ARI Hanser Alberto (29, 1.2)-MIN Maikel Franco (29, 0.9)-TOR,COL Charlie Culberson (33, 0.5)-SEA Ronald Torreyes (29, 0.5)-PHI,BAL Starlin Castro (32, 0.4)-NYY,CHC José Rondón (28, 0.3)-PIT,OAK,CLE Ehire Adrianza (32, 0.2)-MIN,TOR Asdrúbal Cabrera (36, 0.0)-RETIRE Jake Lamb (31, 0.0)-OAK,ATL Travis Shaw (32, -0.1)-TEX,SF Brandon Drury (29, -0.2)-ARI,KC Eddy Alvarez (32, -0.2)-PHI,COL Brock Holt (34, -0.3)-PIT Joe Panik (31, -1.0)-NPB Ildemaro Vargas (30, -1.1) -MIN,MIL
Carlos Correa (27, 6.6 WAR)-PHI,HOU,MIA Trevor Story (29, 6.0)-NYY José Iglesias (32, 2.6)-NYM,DET,MIL,SD Freddy Galvis (32, 2.0)-NPB Andrelton Simmons (32, 0.0)-LAA Pete Kozma (34, 0.0)-STL,SEA,SD Deven Marrero (31, 0.0)-SF, ARI Andrew Romine (36, -0.3)-COACHING ROLE
Left Field: Kyle Schwarber (29, 3.4)-ATL,CHC,COL Eddie Rosario (30, 1.9)-ATL Tommy Pham (34, 1.4)-SD,STL Andrew McCutchen (35, 1.0)-PIT,LAD Alex Dickerson (32, 1.0)-SF,MIL Corey Dickerson (33, 0.8)-PIT,PHI,KC Joc Pederson (30, 0.5)-KC,LAA Luis González (26, 0.2)-NPB Phil Gosselin (33, 0.0)-COL Jason Martin (26, -0.1)-COL,NYY Tim Locastro (29, -0.1)-KC,SEA Gerardo Parra (35, -0.4)-WSH,MIA Lewis Brinson (28, -0.4)-SEA,MIL,MIN Jon Jay (37, -0.5)-RETIRE Matt Joyce (37, -0.9)-RETIRE
Center Field: Brett Gardner (38, 2.0)-COACHING ROLE Kevin Pillar (33, 1.8)-PHI Odúbel Herrera (30, 1.1)-COL,KC Delino DeShields (29, 0.5)-NPB Billy Hamilton (31, 0.4)-STL,SF Roman Quinn (29, 0.3)-LAD,BOS Travis Jankowski (31, 0.2)-PHI,CLE Jake Marisnick (31, -0.1)-LAA, SD Cameron Maybin (35, -0.1)-RETIRE Juan Lagares (33, -0.2)-NYM,TEX Ender Inciarte (31, -0.5)-ATL,CLE,NYY Albert Almora Jr. (28, -0.7)-SD,ATL Ian Desmond (36, N/A)-RETIRE
Right Fielder:
Nick Castellanos (30 4.5 WAR)-BOS Michael Conforto (29, 2.9)-LAA,LAD,SD,KC Jorge Soler (30, 0.4)-TOR Billy McKinney (27, 0.4)-SF,NYY Brian Goodwin (31, 0.2)-PIT,KC Dexter Fowler (36, 0.0)-RETIRE Steven Souza Jr. (33, -0.1)-RETIRE, NOB Mark Payton (29, -0.4)-NPB,LAD Jarrod Dyson (37, -0.5)-ARI,KC,TOR Adam Eaton (33, -0.8)-SEA,KC
Designated Hitters:
Nelson Cruz (41, 3.9 WAR)-TEX Mitch Moreland (36, 0.6)-MIL Derek Dietrich (32, 0.0)-MIA,CWS Pablo Sandoval (35, -0.5)-SF,NYM José Martínez (33, -0.5)-CLE,COL Khris Davis (34, -0.6)-OAK Curtis Terry (25, -0.7)-SD,LAA,COL
Starting Pitchers: Carlos Rodón (29, 5.0)-PHI,SF Clayton Kershaw (34, 4.8)-TEX,LAD Zack Greinke (38, 3.5)-LAD Tyler Anderson (32, 2.8)-PIT,SEA Michael Pineda (33, 2.5)-MIL,MIN,HOU Yusei Kikuchi (31, 2.2)-KC,TEX Danny Duffy (33, 2.2)-OAK,ATL Johnny Cueto (36, 2.0)-CIN,COL Kwang Hyun Kim (33, 1.8)-COL,NYM Brett Anderson (34, 1.5)-WAS,NYY,OAK Matt Harvey (33, 1.4)-NYM,NPB Zach Davies (29, 1.4)-CHC,CWS Matthew Boyd (31, 1.4)-DET,KC Drew Smyly (33, 1.3)-TB,MIL J.A. Happ (39, 1.1)-PHI,MIN Steven Brault (30, 1.0)-SEA,COL Trevor Cahill (33, 0.9)-NPB Wily Peralta (33, 0.7)-MIN Tommy Milone (35, 0.6)-MIN,WAS Chris Ellis (29, 0.4)-BAL,NYY Aaron Sanchez (29, 0.4)-HOU,LAA Vince Velasquez (30, 0.4)-SD Mike Fiers (37, 0.3)-RETIRE Chi Chi González (30, 0.3)-COL,NYY José Ureña (30, 0.3)-TOR Jon Lester (38, 0.3)-RETIRE Carlos Martínez (30, 0.3)-CIN,SD Chris Archer (33, 0.2)-TB,MIA Cole Hamels (38, 0.1)-PHI Ervin Santana (39, 0.1)-RETIRE Sean Nolin (32, 0.1)-BAL,ARI Wade LeBlanc (37, 0.0)-RETIRE Ivan Nova (35, -0.1)-DET Chad Kuhl (29, -0.1)-PHI,SEA,NYY Thomas Eshelman (28, -0.1)-NPB Scott Kazmir (38, -0.2)-RETIRE Matt Moore (33, -0.2)-NPB Jordan Lyles (31, -0.2)-NPB Jake Arrieta (36, -0.2)-RETIRE Chase Anderson (34, -0.4)-TOR,ARI Tanner Roark (35, -0.7)-KC,TOR Matt Shoemaker (35, -0.7)-LAD Julio Teheran (31, -0.9)-NYM,ATL Mike Foltynewicz (30, -1.1)-TEX,KC,SD Félix Hernández (36, N/A)-SEA Jasseel De La Cruz (25, N/A)-TOR
Relief Pitchers: Kenley Jansen (34, 2.3)-LAD,CWS Ryan Tepera (34, 1.9)-BOS Collin McHugh (35, 1.8)-HOS Andrew Chafin (32, 1.4)-TEX Richard Rodríguez (32, 1.4)-TEX,NYY Brad Hand (32, 1.0)-MIA Evan Marshall (32, 1.0)-MIA,SD Jimmy Nelson (33, 0.9)-MIL,MIN Chris Martin (36, 0.9)-KC,MIA Archie Bradley (29, 0.8)-ARI,LAD Joe Kelly (34, 0.8)-LAD Tony Watson (37, 0.8)-PIT Trevor Rosenthal (32, 0.8)-CIN,NYY Brad Boxberger (34, 0.8)NYM Adam Ottavino (36, 0.8)-TB Alex Colomé (33, 0.7)-CHC,BOS Michael Lorenzen (30, 0.7)SD,LAD Tyler Clippard (37, 0.7)-RETIRE Steve Cishek (36, 0.7)-SEA Tommy Hunter (35, 0.7)MIA Rafael Dolis (34, 0.7)KC Joakim Soria (38, 0.7)KC,OAK John Curtiss (29, 0.6)BAL Tyler Chatwood (32, 0.6)BAL,CWS Greg Holland (36, 0.6)-RETIRE Daniel Norris (29, 0.6)-KC,NYM,WAS Jakob Junis (29, 0.5)-LAD,COL Blake Parker (37, 0.5)-COL Jake Diekman (35, 0.4)-NPB Hunter Strickland (33, 0.4)-SF,SD,COL Oliver Pérez (40, 0.4)-CLE Jesse Chavez (38, 0.4)-ARI Conner Greene (27, 0.4)-LAD,CHC,NYY Matt Andriese (32, 0.4)-KC Josh Tomlin (37, 0.4)-ARI,CIN Sergio Romo (39, 0.4)-SF Chaz Roe (35, 0.4)-PHI Joe Smith (38, 0.4)-CLE,LAA Jimmy Cordero (30, 0.3)-HOU,TEX Danny Coulombe (32, 0.3)-OAK Héctor Santiago (34, 0.3)-TEX,KC A.J. Cole (30, 0.3)-PIT,DET Andrew Miller (37, 0.3)-OAK,BAL Erasmo Ramírez (32, 0.2)-TB,COL Jason Adam (30, 0.2)-NYM, ATL Juan Minaya (31, 0.2)-COL, TEX, OAK Corey Oswalt (28, 0.2)-NYM,TB Fernando Abad (36, 0.1)-OAK Andrew Vasquez (28, 0.1)-LAD,SD Scott Blewett (26, 0.1)-MIL Yusmeiro Petit (37, 0.1)-RETIRE Wander Suero (30, 0.1)-ARI,HOU Matt Strahm (30, 0.1)-KC, MIN Adam Conley (32, 0.1)-PHI Grant Dayton (34, 0.1)-NYY Sean Doolittle (35, 0.1)-WAS,KC Jesse Hahn (32, 0.1)-OAK,TEX,HOU Drew Hutchison (31, 0.1)-PIT,NYY Derek Holland (35, 0.1)-RETIRE Ian Krol (31, 0.1)-TEX David Robertson (37, 0.1)-NYY Chasen Shreve (31, 0.0)-PIT,KC Mychal Givens (32, 0.0)-COL Hansel Robles (31, 0.0)-LAA,NYM,BOS John Axford (39, 0.0)-RETIRE Luke Bard (31, 0.0)-BOS Cam Bedrosian (30, 0.0)-LAD,MIL Andrew Bellatti (30, 0.0)-DET Dellin Betances (34, 0.0)-NYY,DET,CWS JD Hammer (27, 0.0)-CHC Brody Koerner (28, 0.0)-BAL Pedro Strop (37, 0.0)-RETIRE Dany Jiménez (28, 0.0)-CWS,CLE Mike Wright Jr. (32, 0.0)-KC,DET AJ Ramos (35, 0.0)-MIA Colin Rea (31, 0.0)-TB Hunter Wood (28, 0.0)-SF,LAD Konner Wade (30, 0.0)-NPB Alex Claudio (30, -0.1)-TEX Ross Detwiler (36, -0.1)-RETIRE Jace Fry (28, -0.1)-BAL, NYY Nick Vincent (35, -0.1)-CIN, BAL Jeurys Familia (32, -0.1)-NYM, SEA Oliver Drake (35, -0.1)-NPB Austin Pruitt (32, -0.1)-CIN, CLE Stephen Nogosek (27, -0.1)-KC Ryne Harper (33, -0.1)-WAS, PIT Luke Farrell (31, -0.1)-TOR,KC Preston Guilmet (34, -0.1)-SF,OAK Ramón Rosso (26, -0.1)-PHI,CHC Joe Palumbo (27, -0.1)-COL,SEA Robert Stock (32, -0.1)-PHI Luis Avilán (32, -0.2)-WAS,ATL Robert Gsellman (28, -0.2)-NYY, LAD Luís Madero (25, -0.2)-SD,CHC Keone Kela (29, -0.2)-PHI,SD Trevor Megill (28, -0.2)-MYN,SD Chris Devenski (31, -0.2)-ARI,KC,TOR Marcos Diplán (25, -0.2)-ARI,LAA Bryan Shaw (34, -0.2)-CLE Ian Gibaut (28, -0.2)-BAL,NYM Adam Morgan (32, -0.3)-NPB Travis Bergen (28, -0.3)-MIL Kyle Barraclough (32, -0.3)-SEA Jairo Díaz (31, -0.3)-PHI,KC Nick Wittgren (31, -0.3)-MIA, TB Eric Yardley (31, -0.3)-OAK Brad Brach (36, -0.4)-RETIRE Ryan Weber (31, -0.4)-ATL,NYY Shelby Miller (31, -0.4)-NYY Justin Miller (35, -0.4)-STL Brandon Kintzler (37, -0.5)-MIA,STL Heath Hembree (33, -0.5)-SD Ian Kennedy (37, -0.6)-ARI Dan Winkler (32, -0.6)-CHC,CWS,LAA Wade Davis (36, -0.6)-KC Andrew Albers (36, -0.6)-BOS,BAL Brandon Workman (33, -0.7)-PHI,COL Nate Jones (36, -1.0)-LAA,LAD,CWS Sam Delaplane (27, N/A)-TEX,WAS Jose Castillo (26, N/A)-DET,MIN Trey Wingenter (28, N/A) -MIN,MIL,HOU

Apologies if some of these players have already signed/retired, literally got the list from MLB's official website. Lemme know what y'all think!
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2022.01.16 15:10 Need4Life High Speed Traffic Car Crashes BeamNG Drive

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2022.01.16 15:10 Bogashot ITAP of a sunset panorama in Izmir

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2022.01.16 15:10 PurpleHippo1414 Why does my 5 month baby never want to roll from belly to back?

New mom here to my 5 month old baby girl. I’m starting to get a concerned why she doesn’t ever want to roll from belly to back.
When she turned 4 months the first thing she did was roll from belly to back but she only have done that a few times (even still). Shortly after that she figured out how to roll from back to belly and she can do that VERY quickly and loves to play on her belly. She can also sit very well assisted and can usually sit unassisted for for a short time. She has been lifting her bum up while playing on her tummy lately (not much, but does it a few times a day) so if she’s doing this why isn’t she rolling from belly to back? Is she just not interested? I’m scared she’s forgotten how to do it (or if she can ever do it anymore).
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