Batman Reveals The Dangers Of Dating Magical Heroes

2022.01.16 16:06 peterboykin Batman Reveals The Dangers Of Dating Magical Heroes

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2022.01.16 16:06 cjd3 Fresh install Magento security woes

I did a fresh install of 2.4.3 and ran a Security scan.
Why would a fresh 2.4.3p1 install be lacking the Magento 2.2.5/2.1.14 Security Update?
I installed this as a subdomain, and not a sub-directory.
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2022.01.16 16:06 Green-Ad-4354 Revenge is a dish best served cold

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2022.01.16 16:06 romain34230 Citron pressé : l’étiquette à vérifier sur votre iPhone, Tesla en hiver et Tizen

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2022.01.16 16:06 SouthernMinute6716 Taking ambien for sleep but i have aggressive dreams

I have always had intense trouble sleeping. I also get very aggressive and very dark dreams maybe 3 times a month.
My dreams often involve killing, rape etc. Nothing like my personality when im awake, in fact very much so the opposite. I understand these are problems i need to address in my own life, please understand that i see the issue here.
I am thinking about taking ambien to sleep but i am concerned about doing something i regret because i heard people do crazy shit such as sleep walk, get in their car etc.
My sister will be staying with me for the next 4 months. I am worried i could take it and do something i seriously regret. Any advice? Is ambien really like im reading?
If ambien is not for me, does anyone have any other sleep medications i could try?
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2022.01.16 16:06 Vanathru We should be able to upgrade regular Armor to Sets

This should be able with Thorn, Solar and Covert Scout Armor, Arctic Marine Armor, aswell as the upcomming rusted Robot Armor we'll get from the Test your Metal Event.
This way people will actually use these Sets, that are very hard to grind for while not being the most viable options.
Also other people will be rewarded for putting Sets together, since they can upgrade them. Otherwise those Sets would be just wasted.
The upgrade however should only be available when learning the plan for the piece you want it to be.
For Example:
Marine left arm - > arctic Marine left arm
Needs you to learn the plan for arctic Marine armor + an upgrading fee of some sort using legendary modules or cores.
I hope you like my idea, if you have an critique just let mw know, always there for that. Amyway thanks for reading, happy hunting and good loot to you folks.
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2022.01.16 16:06 dawidux My top 30 strongest characters (MANGA SPOILERS)

  1. Kaido (Confirmed to be the strongest character, will probably lose that title to someone like akainu or BB after wano.)
  2. Big mom (Fought with kaido and didn't get any injury, is slightly weaker than kaido.)
  3. Akainu (MVP of marines during marineford, was the only person who seriously fought whitebeard during marineford and survived 2 earthquake punches from bloodlust whitebeard. After defeating aokiji got promoted to fleet admiral.)
  4. Shanks (World greatest swordsman rival and conquerors haki user.)
  5. Mihawk (World greatest swordsman, rival of shanks before shanks lost his arm.)
  6. Blackbeard (2 really powerful devil fruits, managed to take hits from sengoku and whitebeard and not pass out.
  7. Dragon (The creator of revolutionary army, most wanted criminal on earth and is the one who trained sabo.)
  8. Aokiji (Used to be navy admiral, fought akainu for 10 days.)
  9. Kizaru (One of the current three admirals, possess the fastest devil fruit)
  10. Fujitora (One of the current three admirals, has a fruit that controls gravity.)
  11. Ryokugyu (One of the three admirals, we haven't see him fight anyone but the fact that hes an admiral should give him a place in the top 10.
  12. Garp (Hero of the marines, used to clash with roger and WB during his prime, even though hes old I don't really think he lost alot of his power because unlike whitebeard hes not sick.)
  13. Luffy (Advanced CoC user, is currently fighting weakened kaido.)
  14. Sengoku (Used to clash with roger and WB during his prime and during marineford he clashed with BB.)
  15. Law (Awakened his devil fruit and is fighting big mom with the help of kid.)
  16. Kid (Awakened his devil fruit and is fighting big mom with the help of law.)
  17. Rayleigh (Fought kizaru and managed to stall him, even kizaru admit that rayleigh is still powerful.)
  18. Shiryu (Was equal to magellan before timeskip, is most likely to be zoros next enemy after wano.)
  19. Marco (Fought kizaru during marineford and managed to stall both queen and king for a while.)
  20. Sabo (Managed to stall a holding back fujitora, managed to defeat a titanic captain from BB crew.)
  21. Yamato (Managed to stall kaido for a decent amount of time and is advanced COC user.
  22. Zoro (Has advanced COC, is the wielder of emma. Managed to defeat king.)
  23. Weevil (Used to be a warlord of the sea, is currently chasing marco to get the fortune of whitebeard, even kizaru said that weevils power is to be compared to young whitebeards power.
  24. King (Defeated a weakened marco)
  25. Sanji (Managed to defeat queen, very powerful physical abilities due to germa enhancements.)
  26. Katakuri (Possesses future sigth, fought WCI G4 luffy equally.)
  27. Jozu (Fought aokiji during marineford, managed to tank mihawks slash.)
  28. Magellan (Has one of the best fruit in my opinion, would've killed BB and his crew PTS if shiryu didn't show up with antidote.)
  29. Queen (Gave sanji a pretty rough battle)
  30. Killer (Damaged kaido with his blades, managed to defeat hawkins.)
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2022.01.16 16:06 peterboykin Endgame's Snaps Accelerated Eternals' Plot - Theory Explained

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2022.01.16 16:06 beatNick_ Imaginary Nothing

You cannot observe nothing because you can only observe something. Nothing is unobservable, that’s what makes it nothing. If nothing could be observed then there would be something to perceive, to notice, to witness, you would register some quality: something. In the same light, if something could come from nothing then we no longer have nothing because it is now a provider of something, this ‘nothing’ can function: it did or allowed something; that in itself makes it something so it was never nothing, but perhaps a patient something if you will.
By process of elimination you can determine various things are not happening, but not that every possible thing is not happening, because then you would have to impossibly know every possible thing that could happen which would make you a God: all-knowing. In this sense, you may assume nothing is happening without actually observing it when you morbidly argue that a dead person does nothing. This is a very convincing assumption such that it may very well become an immediate certainty for you but you are not actually witnessing the unobservable nothing with respect to the dead person’s inactivity. This inactivity is conditioned on all of the things that you know — but not all that can be known like a God: universal knowledge is beyond human capacity in spite of the fact that we are making admirable progress towards knowing a vast amount; but even then we don’t operate with universal perception and we constantly have to correct for our subjective nature so everything that we do ‘know’ is rather convincing and reliably demonstrable to our non-universal perception which makes it trustworthy in order to satisfy the necessities of preserving and developing beings such as ourselves — where you see the absence of activity with respect to your incomplete set of possible actions that are observable to your non-universal perception. So, this is not proven to be the absolute absence of everything to indirectly constitute nothing which cannot be observed to begin with. Furthermore, with this ‘inactivity’ we have the atoms of matter vibrating regardless of life. So there is always activity with respect to matter, but with respect to functionality it is just a convincing assumption that a dead person does — that which is beyond our grasp, forever absent in our blind spot — nothing.
Thus, nothing is one thing that even a God certainly doesn’t know because if such a Supreme Being made contact with nothing, the very act of contact means this ‘nothing’ is rather something! At best it’s imagined, but even then the very idea of it makes it something given it is unobservable, unplaceable, unassignable, indescribable… unknowable: this unempty piece, capturing but the illusory imaginary nothing.
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2022.01.16 16:06 kool_kid_10101 .

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2022.01.16 16:06 Weelie92 [ELI5] If water turns to gas at around 100c, why do we get steam when we get hot tap water? (which is not 100c)

I could probably google this, but it seemed like an interesting ELI5 question, as I never thought about it before
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2022.01.16 16:06 Sbenny_Official Grim Quest - Old School RPG v1.1.9 - Free InApp Purchases (updated)

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2022.01.16 16:06 TraditionalTiger5008 Monza RouteLand 2020

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2022.01.16 16:06 peterboykin Euphoria Season 2 Corrects & Improves Lexi After S1 Failed Her

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2022.01.16 16:06 blackmetalultra Extreme Metal Radio Dark Metal Asylum gets into its 50th round

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ASMR | DEEP KISSING | LICKING | WET MOUTH SOUNDS👄👅💦✨ [ASMR] [WET MOUTH SOUNDS] [INTENTIONAL] submitted by Cybermyaa to asmr [link] [comments]

2022.01.16 16:06 AnAbsoluteJabroni Help me get into Parkway Drive please

Hello. There’s a few bands very loved on this sub that I just can’t get into. Parkway Drive being one of them.
I know their newer stuff isn’t as popular here, so was hoping for some older songs you guys would recommend. The random popular ones on Spotify have never done it for me.
The one song i found (thanks to this sub) that I liked by them was Wishing Wells.
Thanks in advance for any response
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2022.01.16 16:06 Vlatn LEAGUE OF LEGENDS BEST OF 2021 URF AND OFA S11

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2022.01.16 16:06 lennysweetcock Smokin wid my dog

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2022.01.16 16:06 knockyourdreadsoff What are some cool things to make from scratch?

I really want to find something cool to make from scratch because I know how satisfying it will be. It could be anything, for example I have a friend who likes to paint and she stretches her own canvases. I think that is really cool and would love to create something with my hands that I made every step of the way. Ideas?
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2022.01.16 16:06 workingwhereas Can't stay at bf's place because the flatmate is anxious. Don't know if I should be upset,

I've (25M) only recently started dating my boyfriend (27M)
We have known each other a few years since we attended school together but we only connected romantically last year on a dating app. We wanted to keep it casual because I wasn't ready for a relationship, as my dad had passed away in the pandemic which prompted me to move in with my mom to take care of her. After hooking up a few times though, last month we finally decided to be a "thing" - it was hard to not admit feelings for him and he said he felt the same way for me. Even though we are a thing I am still keeping it casual in my mind as I don't want to get hurt by my own expectations. Which is also why I want advice now.
He lives with his flatmates (25F 25M). We all went to the same university. We know each other well and although I wouldn't say they are my friends, we are fond of each other.Since we are going through covid a surge I haven't left my house in the past month - I can't take my chances with my mom as she is my only parent now. He was obviously respectful of that but kept messaging me that he missed me and what a shame it was that Covid surged right when we decided we would be together. I felt the same way... I mulled over it a few days and finally decided that I would go for a few days to his place. So I asked him to get a test done/ask his flatmates if they are showing symptoms just in case..
He was excited about this and quickly agreed. But a few hours later he messages that his flatmate is anxious, and he would prefer nobody else comes for the week, after which I can visit.
My BF explained this to me over... text. We are not big on facetime/phone either but it felt cold.
I totally get how his flatmate wouldn't want me around.. and I am not mad at anyone for having anxiety. But I just feel so upset. Like I feel angry. I don't know who I am angry at... but I just feel undesired this way. Don't know what to think.
He keeps texting me saying sorry and sending me sad emojis. And I have so far replied with texts like "That's okay" And "I understand" - but I don't know what to say. He's waiting for my reply and I don't know what I should even think let alone write to him. Any thoughts?
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2022.01.16 16:06 lindseee628 Readings Available ✨

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2022.01.16 16:06 Bobmannn1 I’m a Wattson main and thinking of switching

Or at lease having rampart as my second should I or no?
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2022.01.16 16:06 MathematicianBrief76 🤖Robot Shiba Inu🤖Stealth Launched 10 Minutes🤖 Ownership Renounced 🤖 Early Low Cap just launched, the Next x1000 GEM 💎, Unique & Genuine, ✅ Focused to learn people how to get financial freedom.

🤖Robot Shiba Inu🤖Stealth Launched 10 Minutes🤖 Ownership Renounced 🤖 Early Low Cap just launched, the Next x1000 GEM 💎, Unique & Genuine, ✅ Focused to learn people how to get financial freedom.

🤖Robot Shiba Inu🤖


Contract : 0x44b2e0e0a4f4e92673a6a7d424d2f3d8c254ea2f

🤖 BUY PancakeSwap:


🤖Let buy and hold Robot Shiba Inu🤖


🌟Tax Buy/Sell : 0%

💯Base Dev.

💯Liquid will be locked .

This is an hyper-deflationary meme token

The altcoin season is coming and the hype around them is growing. 🔭

It's just launched and market cap will be extremely small! Could be another chance to get in

Meet Robot Shiba Inu

Still very early, just Launched and market cap will be extremely small! Could be another chance to get in on the next Robot Shiba Inu

Building on the Robot Shiba Inu hype, Robot Shiba Inu Is aiming to be a more stable coin due to its redesigned rebase functionality and tokenomics.


Shill Campaign

Coinhunt, Coinsniper & Other

Poocoin Adds

Reddit CMS & other crypto trending posts -

Google Ads

CoinMarketCap - Stealth swap!

Coinecko - Stealth swap

Crypto influencers marketing push

Coinsniper ads coming

Coinhunt advertisement

Running ads on different platforms


iOS/Android Applications

Exchange Listings

Amazing Gem with Locked LP And Burnt - and since all is fed up with rugs, we decided to create a friendly and real contract for the community

Solidity Finance Audit to ensure contract is safe for our investors

💎Large social media influence! 12,000 followers on Twitter and 5000 members in telegram

Multisig contract which means marketing funds and liquidity cannot be removed without the whole team signing each transaction

Polite and professional team with active mods

Coming together is the beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success

👀Website, White paper & roadmap to be released asap within a day

LP locking

Website and roadmap to be up

Scheduled CMS for consecutive pumps and to kickstart the popularity of this token

Use case confirmed
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