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I recently picked him up, so you don't know how hyped I was when I hit this
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2022.01.16 15:56 griljedi (Spoiler Mains) Victarion Greyjoy and The Red Priest Moqorro

Selam, hello!
I wan to talk about Vic and his priest Moqorro this week.
You know the Red Priests and their faith and their desires. I made a comparison of the two sides in my thread Faceless Men and Others. To summarize in general; They seek to establish order on earth in their own vision by fighting alongside Azor Ahai and winning a victory over death.
Moqorro is also a Red Priest sent to Daenerys by Benerro, the master of the Volantis R'hllor Temple. As you know, the Volantis priests are completely convinced that Daenerys is Azor Ahai, so they sent Moqorro as "advisor-guide" to both prepare Dany for her role and (probably) lure her into their faith, and protect her from her enemies because of her role. . According to Tyrion, he was chosen because he can speak the common language almost as fluently as his mother tongue, but I think this is a pretty ridiculous reason. I mean, it's silly to just link it to that. In my personal opinion, if Benerro is to send Dany a mentor, he must be competent in many ways; talented first; well-developed magic skills, good interpretation of what he sees in the fire, intelligence and eloquence, and of course cunning, for two of the three priests we know are quite cunning.
We first met Moqorro on a cruise with Tyrion from Volantis. He told us a few prophetic visions (I won't cover them here, but let's go over one): He says there are people chasing Dany, but he sees one person in particular most often; This person is probably Euron. Benerro had also said that Dany was after her enemies, plotting to harm her. I have interpreted this as “broadly” and interpreted as the Others and those who cooperate with them, because I think they must be their worst enemies, if he is Azor Ahai... but if we think narrowly, there is a caveat here that undoubtedly includes slave masters. In other words,for them protect Dany from her enemies is important thing.
Benerro knew that this ship from Volantis would never reach its destination, he had seen it in his flames. You know how this is; The storm broke out, the ship sank, and all but a few died. While Moqorro was in the water for days, 10 days, he was found by the Ironborn and brought to Victarion.
Iron Captain also has two problems at that time; The first thinks about the lost ships, and the second one thinks that the hand that did not heal due to the wound he received in the Shield Islands, that his hand became infected, may even have been poisoned, and who might have done this. He doesn't think it's possible that the knight who caused the wound used poison, but he thinks it might be the young maester's job because he was eventually captured by Euron and given it to Victarion, that he might trying to take revenge or something.
The crew doesn't like the man because, friends, as you will notice, wizards are not liked and distrusted in Westeros, and you can even see such distrust and discontent in Essos from a certain level. Of course, Moqorro said, "I am R'hllor's slave, not a sorcerer." says. But they bring him in and they say he's a sorcerer because he knows things he wouldn't know under normal circumstances. Let's see what they are.

Victarion was uncertain. He came out of the sea. Why would the Drowned God cast him up unless he meant for us to find him? His brother Euron had his pet wizards. Perhaps the Drowned God meant for Victarion to have one too. "Why do you say this man is a wizard?" he asked the Vole. "I see only a ragged red priest."
"I thought the same, lord Captain … but he knows things. He knew that we made for Slaver's Bay before any man could tell him, and he knew you would be here, off this island." The small man hesitated. "Lord Captain, he told me … he told me you would surely die unless we brought him to you."
"That I would die?" Victarion snorted. Cut his throat and throw him in the sea, he was about to say, until a throb of pain in his bad hand went stabbing up his arm almost to the elbow, the agony so intense that his words turned to bile in his throat. He stumbled and seized the rail to keep from falling.
These are not little things, we see that he is at least as skilled as Melisandre in interpreting this fire, because he learned everything he learned before the ship sank, even I guess he is more skillfully, I did not see he has misinterpreted it yet. Let's continue with the quotes.

"Your death is with us now, my lord. Give me your hand."
"My hand. What do you know of my hand?"
"I have seen you in the nightfires, Victarion Greyjoy. You come striding through the flames stern and fierce, your great axe dripping blood, blind to the tentacles that grasp you at wrist and neck and ankle, the black strings that make you dance."
Let's stop here for a while. As I said, it is clear that Moqorro knew very well what was going to happen before or when he set off – time is not important; that the ship would sink in a storm, that he would be found by an ironborns that would take him to Meereen, where Victarion would be…which is how the captain of the Grief ship was able to find Victarion. Also, Victarion's problem is that he will die...etc. he knew. He had already told Tyrion that he had seen those chasing Dany, one of which was probably Victarion, so he must have been aware of his purpose. Long story short, the man set out by making a very fine calculation. Naturally, whatever he was planning, he arranged in line with this information.
On the other hand, his vision of Victarion's death is also interesting; He is walking in flames, blood is dripping from his ax… so the words fire and blood are together. However, he probably says how his older brother took over him and played him like a puppeteer, but he doesn't accept it because he is too proud person. I think we can deduce from this; Whatever Victarion does, at the end of the day, it will have served Euron's purpose in some way(or Moqorro's). He is just a puppet.
Lets continue; When asked about his death, he says "your death is here, with us" and takes his hand. It is possible to interpret this in two ways, even both; firstly, the wound on his hand slowly killed him, and secondly, he might have been poisoned as Victarion suspected. He was suspecting that the young maester. Later Vic gave ing the order to slit his throat and throw him into the sea to blow the wind with the blood magic after the cure.
If there is poison, it may be the dusky woman who was responsible for it, after all she was captured by Euron and given to him. Let's not forget that, as Vic has often said, "Euron's gifts are poisonous." So, the poisonous gift herself may be poisoning him, in fact, Victarion is not very nice to the woman, he is a caveman. We read that a similar statement was said for Cersei's friend in Meggy's prophecy. Her death was near to her... When she said it she was meant Cersei, and even though Victarion's common sense says he should have killed the woman in the first place, he constantly keeps her by his side and strangely trusts her, saying that for some reason he can't do it.
Of course, if it's a woman, why is she doing this? Did Euron order it, or is she doing it both for revenge and for salvation? It's hard to say for sure. I don't think Euron has a reason - for now - to kill Vic. Whatever his plan for Dany is, it seems like his brother needs Meereen to go to her and make an offer, to form an alliance with the ironborn, at least an attempt, a meet is needed. He might want to kill him because he wouldn't need his afterwards, but I guess it can be said that Vic's wound condition got a little worse, I guess he couldn't stand until to Meereen, so it might not be Euron, and if he was poisoned and it's a woman, the poisoner might be doing this for the reasons I said.
The treatment part is interesting. There is not much information about its content, with a short paragraph that is told from the eyes of others instead of showing that part, but the remarkable thing is; sang. Moqorro sang, and the monkeys on the ship, who had been harassing Vic for weeks, shouted when they heard the song and threw themselves into the sea. The priest also used fire, so he probably cast fire and blood magic, which is normal considering he's a red priest. Mirri had said that the fire had a magical healing power. I'm not sure about the blood part, of course, but he was killing the young maester afterwards, but such things are logically expected to happen during the spell.
In the end, does it sound familiar to you, singing for a dying man and his escape from death? Yes! It looks like he did something very similar to what Mirri Maz Duru did. Mirri also sacrificed blood and sang, supposedly saving Drogo. His wound, like Victarion's, was a "small scratch" as they called it, but the wounds were infected. If we look at it from this point of view, actually Vic was not poisoned, only his wound may have been infected, so things like that can happen. In fact, it is significant that there is a parallel plot with Drogo, especially when he intends to marry Dany.
It is obvious that Moqorro is casting a spell, and the monkeys sense it and jump down. They didn't like him from the very beginning. Is this how every animal reacts wherever magic is done? Honestly, it didn't catch my attention too much, something like this wasn't described during Mirri's spell. After all, Moqorro may have cast a spell to save Vic from death, in a slightly different way. During the Mirri era, fire magic was useless, so blood was used, but we saw how inadequate it was. This spell was cast after the birth of the dragons, when the fire spells were active again, which we're sure fire was used during the spell... Basically, I think the case of the spell is the same, Vic seems to have been saved from death by using a more advanced version of the spell cast for Drogo. The monkeys' escape may be because they feel the door of death open, they are so afraid that they prefer to jumping into the the sea.
There is also an interesting point about Moqorro; The man was in the water for 10 days. What did Vic say about it?

“If he had been in the sea for ten days, he would have died or gone mad from drinking seawater.” The salt water was holy; Aeron Damphair and other priests could bless people with that water and take a few sips from time to time to strengthen their faith, but no mortal could drink the water of the deep sea for days and hope to survive.

Naturally, this makes us think; How did Moqorro survive 10 days at sea, with or without water? If he drank salt water, as they say, he would go mad. Did R'hllor rescue Moqorro from the insanity of salt water in the same way he saved Melisandre from the poison? Even if he does not drink, he must die from staying in water for 10 days. Or could Moqorro be a fire wight, as we're almost sure about Melisandre? It could easily explain how he could stay hungry and thirsty for 10 days. We have not seen this man eating or drinking until now, but remember that even if we solve the food-water problem, it is not possible to stay in water for 10 days, it will kill people after 24-25 hours at the latest.
Although the reason for this is hypothermia, but we have seen from Melisandre that their bodies are warm even in the coldest conditions, hot enough to melt the snows while walking. Naturally, this is obviously Moqorro's case, but we should not forget that we have not seen anything like this in Thoros, we assume that his body temperature is normal. That's why I can't help but bring up the idea that Moqorro might be a fire wight like Melisandre. Actually we did not read Vic said Moqoro's body is so warm either. At least i don't remember?
Let's move on to another quote from here.

"Your Drowned God is a demon," the black priest Moqorro said afterward. "He is no more than a thrall of the Other, the dark god whose name must not be spoken."
"Take care, priest," Victarion warned him. "There are godly men aboard this ship who would tear out your tongue for speaking such blasphemies. Your red god will have his due, I swear it. My word is iron. Ask any of my men."
The black priest bowed his head. "There is no need. The Lord of Light has shown me your worth, lord Captain. Every night in my fires I glimpse the glory that awaits you."

You know, red priests generally consider every deity to be false, except for R'hllor and the Great Other, don't to admit that others exist. At the beginning of the last Vic POV of the 5th book, Moqorro says this, and a few scenes later in the same POV, this time he says "yours is the demon, the slave of the Great Other". That is, it acknowledges its existence. I linked this issue to the wights of the Others from the water-ice relationship.
Let's get to the main part; Victarion says, "ask my men." and he says "No need, R'hllor has shown me your worth, I see the glory that awaits you in my fires every night," What glory? That's not certain, but it sounded like war glory to both Victarion and us, but he could may be talking about something very different.
I said that Moqorro had seen everything in advance and came with a plan. Actually, let me add one more important detail; Did he have to choose such a winding and dangerous route to Meereen? Difficulty though, Quentyn and his friends got there on a ship, couldn't Moqorro find a ship? There are a lot of followers of the Red Religion in Essos/Volantis after all, they can give their priests a place. Then why? Probably Moqorro's intention was to reach Victarion, not Meereen directly. Then we will ask again, why?
He saw the people who were after Dany; Could he have seen the Greyjoys, but especially Euron, a threat? Could the dragon binding horn next to Victarion be a magic item he would like to acquire? There is this horn, it has to serve a purpose like the Chekhov gun, we saw in the published pov from book 6 that Victarion uses it.
I got this idea from Quinn's Ideas channel; We know that Melisandre can somehow keep Mance under control through ruby, she feels it, she seems to notice and intervene if he tries to do something, so like a puppeteer, Moqorro also cast a spell on Victarion's hand, it's black as if it was burned. it cracks when you tighten it too much and smoke comes out. I said that he used fire magic unlike Mirri's magic, what did he do, can Moqorro control Victarion like a puppeteer through this magic?
The black strings he's talking about... he also is black... could it actually be Moqorro? He may not have translated everything written on the horn... and after all, it is Moqorro who controls Victarion who controls the horn. The lord of the lord... Does the man have a desire to rule over dragons? So for personal gain? I don't think so, but his intention doesn't seem very clear.

The opinion of a user named Jon Reborn on the asoiaf.westeros forum is noteworthy: just because Dany is the mother of dragons doesn't mean she can dominate three dragons... She has not been able to control Drogon until the very last moment. Each dragon lord can only ride a single dragon, with the other two are a risk. This way Moqorro might want to keep Dany's dragons in check for Dany's benefit. The horn was also going to be given to Dany anyway if Vic didn't change his mind. Is he right? I do not know.

If the only way to ride a dragon is to blow a horn, within 5 thousand years, anyone who could take and blow one of these horns would be a dragon lord, but no one could do it except the Valyrians, and then it means no one could ride it except the Targaryens and Velaryons, which seems to have gained the ability to do without a horn this time.

Whatever the outcome, Moqorro saw that Victarion was going to die and what he was going to do, and because he thought he would be useful during this time, Moqorro gained his trust by going through so much to reach him. Right now he is using himself and acting like a puppeteer, Vic will probably die in the fires as Moqorro predicted at the end of the day, but when and how? I can't say anything for now.
Reddit user feldmand10 wrote that on the way back from Moqorro, Dany will stop by Volantis and encourage the slave revolt to free them all. Even Illyrio said no matter what happens if she will come from the sea, shw will have to stop in Volantis for supply etc. For this reason, he would go there to clear her way. We'll probably see some crazy scenes in Volantis, after Dany leaves Meereen.
Thank you for read.
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Does lexapro have any interaction with the antihistamine Eslorat (desloratadine)??
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Hi, I upgraded my printer's drivers to the TMC 2208 drivers. Everything went well, no magic smoke or other problems so far. I updated the software, so the motors should run in the right direction. They did, but not all. When I let my X Carriage drive in the positive x-axis the left z-motor starts running on the positive x-axis and when the x carriage should drive in the positive z-axis only the right z-axis motor runs.
I googled a bit but didn't find out, why my printer does it. Do I have to change something in the Marlin Software?
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Kansas City Airport to invest in wireless electric bus charging systemKansas City Airport has become the first U.S. airport to invest in a wireless vehicle charging system for its electric buses.
As part of the $1.5
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Since it calls for her minions, does the dialog change inside the chamber?
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2022.01.16 15:56 VenomTheCapybara How would you rank last year's champ months (not the individual characters, but the duos unless you're Kraven)

Janurary (Jubilee & Stryfe) February (Psycho Man & Super Skrull) March (Odin & Mangog) April (Jabari Panther & Silver Centurion) May (Shang-Chi & Mr. Negative) June (Purgatory & Overseer) July (America Chavez & Hercules) August (Peni Parker & Spider-Man 2099) September (Kitty Pryde & Nimrod) October (Knull & Anti Venom) November (Ikarus & Sersei) December (Kraven)
Here's my ranking
1) October
2) August
3) December
4) June
5) May
6) March
7) Janurary
8) February
9) September
10) July
11) November
12) April
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Hello, just needed some clarification before using this 6oz bottle of Gumout fuel injector cleaner I bought. I understand that I should pour this stuff into my fuel tank when it’s almost empty, so I was just wondering if I should put the whole bottle? Also, was wondering if Gumout is a decent brand and, if it is, should I swap it for the high mileage version? (About 130000km on the engine) Thanks!!!
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