DOS EE: Arhu SparkMaster 5000 fight is the dumbest fight I've ever seen in any videogame

2022.01.16 15:15 iztek DOS EE: Arhu SparkMaster 5000 fight is the dumbest fight I've ever seen in any videogame

I'm using all the combinations from Arhu's book on the remote controller. It says "discharge electricy" and the other "WEAPONS DEACTIVED". That's so bullshit. He can still use some kind of ranged attack and melee attacks that does 200+ damage. Who the fuck thought this fight was a good idea?
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2022.01.16 15:15 Falompijr Is it normal to find cubed baby in normal rooms?

I have had to runs were i have found cubed baby in random rooms is it normal or do i have alot of luck
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2022.01.16 15:15 olsen_44 London 24/7 green Buddies?!

Just looking for smoking buddies in London, moving there next month. Doesn't matter M or F. I'm M(25).
Also some suggestions on the best places with a view to smoke in peace would be appreciated.
Have a good one 👋
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2022.01.16 15:15 Porksoda32 Beer sol-SIPS-ism: An armchair expert's look at beer sensory testing

Background I've posted a few times now posing my own thoughts about Brulosophy, and about sensory testing more broadly as a math/engineering/testing person, but with no practical experience in sensory testing. Having finally gotten enough "breadcrumbs" to start finding good online resources about it, it's a surprisingly complex and still-evolving topic!
The Basics - Statistics of Significance & P-value For anyone curious about the basics of the statistics at play, Triangle tests are an example of the Binomial Distribution, where the probability of guessing correctly by random chance is 1/3. This site provides as good an explanation as I've seen for the concept - in a Triangle Test, we are seeing how many folks guess correctly, and calculating the likelihood that that AT LEAST that many would guess correctly by pure coincidence. If the outcome is sufficiently improbable by random chance (only 5% probable for example), we conclude there is a non-random effect at play. As you have more and more test subjects, our expectation of the purely-random outcome gets more and more concentrated around 1/3 due to the Law of Large Numbers, meaning we can detect progressively smaller effects. If we are testing the "fairness" of a coin flip, getting 6 heads in 10 is not all that surprising, but getting 600 in 1000 is fairly strong evidence of bias. This is the heart of what p-values are.
Ep38 of Bru Lab also gets into the statistics with an excellent guest, though the host makes a few factually-incorrect statements about understanding p-value and acceptance that are characteristic of how Brulosophy "advertises" their results, and they go uncorrected on air.
All of the above gets at how we establish significance - our relative confidence that a positive result is not due to random chance. The next piece is what's frequently referred to as sensitivity, or power - if there IS an underlying difference, what is the chance we'll actually detect it? Or, stated differently, how large does a difference need to be before we have a good chance of detecting it?
Going beyond Significance - Sensitivity & Test Subject Models There is an inherent balance between significance (p-value) and sensitivity. The more confident you want to be in your outcome, the more data you need for a given level of sensitivity. In order to quantify sensitivity, we first need to make some assumptions about the kind of effect we're looking for. Are we looking for an effect that causes people to pick the correct cup in a Triangle 45% of the time instead of 33%, or is that too subtle? The larger the effect, the easier it is to detect, but effects that are really huge are frequently less interesting to study. It would require very little data to test if tasters can distinguish Imperial Stout from Riesling, for example, whereas a test program to see if tasters can distinguish two batches from the same production line would require much more data (and careful test planning/execution) to detect.
This paper has some good explanation and visualization of what is referred to as the Thurstonain model - a statistical model for predicting how respondents will perform on different types of sensory discrimination tests. In essence, we treat the sensory variable under test as a numeric value pulled from a bell curve, with some offset between the peaks of the curves (the expectation) for the two types of samples. Based on samples pulled from those distributions, and a stated strategy ("pick the outlier" or "pick the ______-est sample" or "group the most similar N samples together") we can model how subjects will respond. For example, given the same number of test subjects and the same samples, one test method might be more likely to detect a difference, on paper at least. The nice thing about the Thurstonian model is it allows us to make some predictions about how subjects will perform on different test methodologies, given the same types of sensory samples. This plot, taken from this site, illustrates predicted power of different methods as a function of d', a measure of how large the difference between sample types is.

Note that there are trade-offs with different test methods, so it is never as straight-forward as "pick the most powerful method". This model does not factor in test subject fatigue, for example, so it will overestimate the power of more complex test methods. For that reason, determining the best method requires testing. One paper noted (humorously, to me) that giving subjects increasing numbers of hot sauce samples causes their test acuity to drop, compared to, for example, alfredo sauce.
This presentation by some Boston Beer Co. employees explains it a bit more, in the context of Triangle vs Tetrad testing, and even provides a bit of data suggesting Tetrad was a more sensitive method in their test involving diacetyl. There are a number of other papers/presentations that suggest similar conclusions for beer, especially for smaller sample sizes. If you're looking for a conclusion from this rambling mess, I suppose it's that lots of beer sensory test results suggest that given their sample size, Brulosophy would likely have more success with Tetrad testing. It doesn't even require more cups than their current method of "pour 4, remove one randomly".
A Practical Example A few folks very rightly accused me of being an armchair expert, and pointed out that sensory tests are much, much harder than the lay person would expect, and that they really need to be experienced to be understood. Coming off all of this I was curious to see how I would perform on sensory tests, and to collect a little data on Triangle tests vs. the 2-of-5 test, a test which is theoretically much more powerful than Triangle but generally not used because of the higher palate fatigue of a 5-cup test. In order to get meaningful comparative data, I need a test where I am marginally-successful. A test that I always guess correctly, or do no better than random chance, doesn't provide any useful data. So, what's a good test?
After much debate and caffeine I settled on Bell's Two Hearted vs. Founders Centennial - two widely-available beers by large brewers with hopefully good QC, of the same style, same region, similar ABV, and AFAIK using entirely the same hop varietal. Now, I am fairly familiar with Two Hearted, but I honestly can't recall the last time I had Founders Centennial and don't recall any impressions of it, and I did not read any reviews, so I feel like I went in relatively blind as to how these beers differ. Both cans were kept in the fridge for 24h in advance of testing to come down to temperature. Tests were done at my kitchen counter bar, at least 1 hour after last having eaten anything and with no recent cooking or other strong smells in the air. I used opaque plastic cups with X or O written on the bottom to denote sample type. We poured four samples of each, weighing about 2.5 ounces apiece, and split them up into a 3-cup triangle test, followed by a 5-cup "2-of-5" test. Samples were prepared by assistant/wife, while I was out of the room, and presented to me in a line in random order. My wife was concerned about a visible color difference, so I was blindfolded before entering the room (yes, the mask is leopard print - don't ask questions you don't want answers to). I was not told the result of the first test before doing the second, and both were completed in approximately 5 minutes.

Unbeknownst to me, my wife took some video of the last part of the 2-of-5 test, including the outcome
(My wife encouraged me to point out that the cups do not change order during the video because I had already made one pass at sorting them before she started recording)
The Results (So Far) Having guessed correctly for both tests (p=0.033), it would seem likely that I was detecting some sort of difference. I didn't have a good preconceived notion going in of how different these beers were, but under blind trial it was a noticeable, but not overwhelming difference. Continuing to sip on the opened beers post-test, the difference persisted, and perhaps got a bit more consistently noticeable. For anyone curious, my perception was that Founders was more aromatic and had a strong, sweet citrus (orange?) note compared to a more conventional grapefruit character from Two Hearted, and Founders was much sweeter and fuller-bodied on the palate. The difference in body and sweetness made their relative bitterness hard to compare. I personally prefer Two Hearted but I could see how in some food pairings the extra "heft" and sweetness of Founders might make it preferable.
I do regular horizontal comparisons with my homebrew and commercial examples of styles, so I am well-acquainted with the benefits of doing direct comparisons like this, but I have never attempted them blind. After all the dire warnings about blind tasting, I suppose it's validating to have one success under my belt. For the purposes of my comparison of two testing methods, more trials are needed, and I need a test where my success rate is marginal. It may be that this is too easy a test to get meaningful insight, so I may switch to different beers after a few more rounds.
Regarding the question of fatigue, I didn't notice any impact from it. It's possible that more samples are required to see the effect, but anecdotally I do a LOT of informal beer & wine tasting and I don't get concerned about fatigue until I am up in the 15+ sample range. It's possible that in a formal difference testing scenario that when subjects are doing several tests back-to-back that the extra samples in 4-cup and 5-cup tests begin to add up. In time my own testing may reveal that I am in fact experience palate fatigue, and I don't realize it.
Stay tuned for more!
In Conclusion Conducting blind sensory tests is hard I have the benefit of a fairly well-controlled environment, plenty of time, and a patient & supportive test supervisospouse, not to mention I am offloading all the challenges of creating repeatable beers to Founders and Bell's. Groups like Brulosophy have quite a few more challenges to contend with, so it's not surprising that they might have more difficulty reaching strong conclusions about the effects they are testing for. That having been said, I think Brulosophy could be much better about communicating their findings.
Triangle testing is probably not the best choice for small test programs When working with small sample sizes every bit of statistical power you can get counts, and here are probably better ways than Triangle Tests to do beer sensory testing for small groups when not using replication. Tetrad testing has a number of proponents and a fair amount of evidence to suggest it's truly more powerful, and more consistent.
You should try blind tasting - seriously It's a fun way to experience our hobby, it helps train your senses to get better at appreciating beer, and perhaps serves as a good reality check of your own senses/biases. I look forward to doing more, and learning a bit about the kinds of differences I am able to detect!
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2022.01.16 15:15 ilknurr 27% off >> $124.99 >> BlitzWolf BW-WS03 Wi-Fi Weather Station Banggood Coupon Code [Czech Warehouse]

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2022.01.16 15:15 GoblinEmpress My Kill Teams (Need Help)

Ok, so I figured it would be best to make a new post with my kill teams because I am a bit confused about leaders and adding extra minis. I edited my ad mech kill team for one team to include an alpha for a leader and added an extra mini to my second fireteam since that one did not have a leader. I am not sure if this is correct so I figured I would just post my current lists to make sure they are legal (not competitive or even good since I'm just learning). Just need to know if these lists are legal and if I'm doing the whole leader thing right! Thanks in advance!
-Skitarii Ranger Alpha with Phosphor blast pistol and arc maul
-Skitarii Ranger (Gunner) with transuranic arquebus
-Skitarii Ranger (Gunner) with plasma caliver
-x2 Skitarii Ranger (trooper)
-Skitarii Ranger (Gunner) with transuranic arquebuss
-Skitarii Ranger (Gunner) with arc rifle
-x4 Skitarii Ranger (Trooper)


-Plague Marine Champion with boltgun and plague knife
-Plague Marine (Gunner) with plasma gun

-x8 Poxwalkers


-Intercessor Sergeant with bolt rifle and fists
-x4 Intercessor Warriors with bolt rifle
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2022.01.16 15:15 PartnerFeurigel "Didn't we try to arrest a Polestar 1 driver yesterday?" "Bruh that was probably a different one"

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2022.01.16 15:15 f0rg0tmypassword420 sir! get those things out of my face

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2022.01.16 15:15 PowerBros4160 First side job of the day

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2022.01.16 15:15 alwaysforgetmyuserID They were arguing about the definition of nature and where that overlaps with modern humanity.

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2022.01.16 15:15 poeticIrony egg👕irl

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2022.01.16 15:15 starwaterbird Bonzai Transplant Interupted, me, acrylic, 2022

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2022.01.16 15:15 Primary-Let4480 guys i will now be the NEW bootleg MatPat cus the old one misteriousely disapeared

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2022.01.16 15:15 cutiepiedaily o

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2022.01.16 15:15 Leave_Dapper Two goals in his first game back in Amsterdam, make it happen EA!

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2022.01.16 15:15 John_GT if only we could have real Watanabe wheels, decent front splitter and ZG lip spoiler

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2022.01.16 15:15 noddylady Today I made a two year old giggle and laugh and this felt really good.

First of all, Hello everyone!!! It's been long..I mean yeah almost two months and still I can't say that things have gotten better now or that I'm doing perfectly fine but you know what I believe it'll get better. Went to say hello to my neighbours today after returning back my hometown and their two year old was staring at me. Actually I'm not very experienced with little kids but I thought I should smile lol and the little guy just started giggling and smiling. This just felt so cute and pure. And I feel so happy about it. Thank you for listening. Wishing you a good day/night!
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2022.01.16 15:15 Redknucklez fell of the wagon....regret it....back on again...

my experience wasn't enjoyable... tried vaping some flower mild strain.... next 2 says lungs were sore and I felt like 💩....was sober a year. good bye cannabis... our fling wasn't fun....
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2022.01.16 15:15 UD2638 Esomeprazole and dizziness

I've been prescribed esomeprazole 40mg to be taken daily but severe dizziness and brain fog kick in after about 30 minutes of taking it and stick for the whole day.
I also get pins and needles sensations in my fingers and my joints ache too. Did anyone else go through the same? I don't want to stop taking it because it works well for my GI issues but I can't bear the dizziness. Any suggestions how to stop it?
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2022.01.16 15:15 Immediate-Form-2262 Mega Man Matchup Ranking

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2022.01.16 15:15 666dext3r666 Not a good start

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2022.01.16 15:15 MathematicianBrief76 🤖Robot Shiba Inu🤖Stealth Launched 10 Minutes🤖 Ownership Renounced 🤖 Early Low Cap just launched, the Next x1000 GEM 💎, Unique & Genuine, ✅ Focused to learn people how to get financial freedom.

🤖Robot Shiba Inu🤖Stealth Launched 10 Minutes🤖 Ownership Renounced 🤖 Early Low Cap just launched, the Next x1000 GEM 💎, Unique & Genuine, ✅ Focused to learn people how to get financial freedom.

🤖Robot Shiba Inu🤖


Contract : 0x44b2e0e0a4f4e92673a6a7d424d2f3d8c254ea2f

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Building on the Robot Shiba Inu hype, Robot Shiba Inu Is aiming to be a more stable coin due to its redesigned rebase functionality and tokenomics.


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Use case confirmed
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2022.01.16 15:15 libtin Where's the money? (The full story if the missing £600K)

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2022.01.16 15:15 badguywindow I may have COVID and will be off work for a few days, so help me figure out what to write first for my Bad Things Happen Bingo card?

This is a LINK to a strawpoll.
For those that don't know what Bad Things Happen Bingo is, HERE is information about it.
It'll be for Netflix's Arcane, for Viktor and sometimes Jayce, if that influences anybody. Otherwise, just vote for your favorite prompt(s) and I'll decide which one I want to do within a day-or-so.
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2022.01.16 15:15 Intense-Vagina Anybody got training experience with Connor McGregor App?
It costs 1000$ but is it worth getting taught by MMA champion?
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