OlaTV Ludio Player 2.0 Issue w/Nvidia Pro - Android 11 Update

2022.01.16 15:34 C177driver OlaTV Ludio Player 2.0 Issue w/Nvidia Pro - Android 11 Update

Nvidia has pushed out an upgrade of Android from 9 to 11 on its Shield Pro boxes. As a result, Ludio Player 2.0 appears to have a compatibility issue with Android 11. Ludio is removed from the apps list and will not reinstall. Therefore, OlaTV is broken. When opened, Ola declares a new version of Ludio must be installed and you cannot go any further.
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2022.01.16 15:34 Successful_Front_214 uh oh

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2022.01.16 15:34 cooldudeph69ph anyone wanna talk about how we jerk off on snap? nothing gay, just talk about how were jerking and trade pics of ourselves, add me on snap: cooldudeph69

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2022.01.16 15:34 Apprehensive_Debt_77 [Repost] [Academic] Do personality traits play a role in our beliefs and feelings about social relationships? (18+, fluent in English)

Dear Friends,
I'm short of just 50 participants. Please help so that I can get the 50 soon. Click on this link and participate please
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2022.01.16 15:34 Laliving90 When a show has multiple seasons, does the producer already know the storyline or writes it as it goes along ?

For example, the show prison break has been airing since 2005. Did that producer know the show was going to run for multiple seasons to create the storyline or does he write a new plot after each one ends?
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2022.01.16 15:34 FadedGoose96 Partners are so disconnected

Our PA sector is bleeding, like most, very bad. We’ve already had 2 key people who quit early January, on top of the ~30% of people who left since the pandemic started. We have multiple new clients, who’s work was won by SM/partners in 2020, who have since left the firm. Of the people left, everyone is extremely burned out and stretched thin. Murmurs of another brutal wave of exits come spring have begun as most people are hitting their breaking points.
Overheard the partners gleefully talking last week about yet ANOTHER client we’ve won for next year. As they wave goodbye for the night at 5 to the teams under them working until midnight on the engagements they have not properly staffed. We even had a sector call late 2021 where leaders acknowledged how short staffed we were.
How are you supposed to take these people seriously and treat them with respect? It seems like they’re so out of touch with reality with no regard for those under them. Yet these engagements cannot run without us on the lower level? The meat grinding wheel of PA only stays on the rails if they are enough experienced employees left to coach all the new hires.
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2022.01.16 15:34 Galvatron22ak Two cybertronians having the same name makes sense

Just like humans they can have similar names so I’m gonna pretend Sideswipe from rid 2015 is different one from the game for example
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2022.01.16 15:34 Jamieb284 I know it's not a big achievement but it's good for me, my first 140! Hopefully will post again soon with my first 180.

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2022.01.16 15:34 Games_and_anime Just Milim taking a good look.

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2022.01.16 15:34 golifa Cyprus Naval Command's emblem

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2022.01.16 15:34 Peachy_Chalupa Late periods and copper IUD

Copper IUD havers - how often do you find yourself having a late or missed period? I have had my paragaurd since May. My average cycle is 28-32 days. I was a week late in august. My last period was thanksgiving so completely missed the month of December and now approaching missing the month of January, I did have some stress last month but now the only big stressor in my life is this absent period! Pregnancy tests are negative, there was possibly a very faint line on one of the 5 I have taken within the past week. At what point would you call gyno? My gyno office is typically scheduled out 3 weeks anyway so not looking forward to if I need an appt
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2022.01.16 15:34 Cowmilkzz Fnaf one Revamp ! These designs are based off of old school animatronics, Vhs animatronics and a bit of fnaf plus (please do not copy these designs)

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2022.01.16 15:34 soviet_russia420 How do i join a party(I’m new)

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2022.01.16 15:34 Gullible_Alfalfa4277 WFL and if there is any what is the profit

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2022.01.16 15:34 cutiepiedaily pp

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2022.01.16 15:34 ItzJonda Guys i know is alot but please make this viral i need help regarding the hairloom shards

Surya (1/16/2022, 1:00:25 PM): Thank you for contacting EA HELP, my name is Surya, may I start with your first name please? Surya (1/16/2022, 1:01:20 PM): Hello there! Hope you are doing good. Surya (1/16/2022, 1:01:30 PM): How can I help you today? undefined (1/16/2022, 1:02:06 PM): Hi Good afternoon my name is Jonathan Miranda and i have been having some problems with my EA account more specifically regarding apex legends and i hope you can help me. please allow me to explain Surya (1/16/2022, 1:02:24 PM): Yes, please go ahead and explain. Surya (1/16/2022, 1:06:25 PM): Are you there? undefined (1/16/2022, 1:06:35 PM): yes undefined (1/16/2022, 1:06:40 PM): im typing Surya (1/16/2022, 1:07:07 PM): Okay. undefined (1/16/2022, 1:07:58 PM): I have been playing apex legends since it came out im a week one player. my EA account user is JonathanMira0605 and it is linked to my past account ItzJonda- My problem is regarding hairloom shards i understand i have to open 500 packs in order to receive the shards and here in where the problem starts. after playing the game for a while i wanted to upgrade to a gaming pc and merged my ps4 account with the ea account only to realize it was not possible to transfer progression and items. well it made a new apex account but still merged, they are the same account only one is low lever and has no items and the other one is my main. well long story short i open 3 packs on this new account and get the hairloom shards but man im pretty sure this reset my pack count on the main account now fast forward it has been like 3 years of playing the game hundreds of dollars spent more than 500 packs and still no hairloom shards undefined (1/16/2022, 1:09:48 PM): i know it is not possible to merge accounts that is more than clear but please that is not what i want im still playing on the ps4 and will soon upgrade to the ps5. all i want if for you guys to add the airloom shards to my ps4 account ItzJonda- i dont know if you have to involve the respawn devs or need me to submmit any evidence that i own both accounts but i need help please it is getting frustrating Surya (1/16/2022, 1:11:02 PM): If I understand you correctly, you want to transfer the Heirloom Shards from your PC to PS4, right? undefined (1/16/2022, 1:11:13 PM): yes please undefined (1/16/2022, 1:12:42 PM): Im pretty sure im the first person this happens to because i cannot find any information online but there has to be something we can do Surya (1/16/2022, 1:13:13 PM): Thanks for explaining. Don't worry, I'll try helping you with letting you know about Heirloom and cross progression of Apex Legends. Surya (1/16/2022, 1:14:50 PM): I would like to inform you that, Apex Legends doesn't have Cross Progression, that means, your progress of PC and PS4 in Apex Legends remains separated and also the same for in-game content. It's good to hear that you got the Heirloom Shards in your PC Apex Legends also, but the in-game content can't be transferred between platforms, as these are platform specific in-game items. undefined (1/16/2022, 1:16:56 PM): okay that i understand that they appear as separate account but at the same time they are the same, because one account cannot invite the other one. another example being that when i add a friend in one account they are automatically added to the other one undefined (1/16/2022, 1:18:00 PM): all im asking is not for items transfer but for you guys to just add the charms in my ps4 account like when you add credits. i know you can can do it. undefined (1/16/2022, 1:18:22 PM): man this was a mistake that has been following me for the last year and i half Surya (1/16/2022, 1:18:36 PM): When you add a friend on your EA account, the friend can be invited from PS4, as your PS4 is linked with the same EA account, by which you play on PC. undefined (1/16/2022, 1:18:54 PM): my friend are already with their second hailoom and i still dont have the first on my main account Surya (1/16/2022, 1:19:01 PM): We can't add anything like that. undefined (1/16/2022, 1:20:14 PM): okay i really appreciate your time, im not trying to be a bad customer or give you a hard time but damn i really love this game and have been playing it for so long and feel like is not fair undefined (1/16/2022, 1:20:45 PM): okay say you cant help me is there something you recommend me doing other than just keep spending cash undefined (1/16/2022, 1:21:18 PM): or is there a way to directly contact the devs of the game?? Surya (1/16/2022, 1:23:30 PM): I can understand your situation, as I play games too, and can understand about the pack openings. I hope you get more shards in the future pack openings but we can't add the in-game items or transfer them between the platforms. Surya (1/16/2022, 1:23:35 PM): I hope you understand. Surya (1/16/2022, 1:24:04 PM): The Developers can't be contacted directly, but you can post your feedback on the EA Forums. undefined (1/16/2022, 1:24:50 PM): damn, well thanks for your time
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2022.01.16 15:34 GM-the-DM Shoes for rola bola

I'm normally barefoot when I use my rola bola but I would like to start wearing some sort of shoe. The grip tape is wearing through my calluses faster than I can build them up. I tried a flat pair of sneakers but felt too disconnected from the board to balance like I normally can.
What do you wear on your feet when you're on the rola bola?
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2022.01.16 15:34 develasco22 The secret shame of being one of the 12 guys tackled by Tom Brady in his career

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2022.01.16 15:34 InfPossibilities Amazing what a scarf can do!

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2022.01.16 15:34 CDTED What was your first fight at school/work/anywhere?

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2022.01.16 15:34 nothing_hereII no

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2022.01.16 15:34 Regular-Poet-3657 [Lore Spoilers] ZauNoxus. Redtech.

What at the end noxus takes over zaun and pilitover and get hextech, and some champions flee the region. But in red thus redtech maybe mixed with blood magic. Maybe viktor and swain team up two disabled men in power quite a stance. Plus they maybe there to deal with the void in zaun.
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2022.01.16 15:34 theobjr Is this another useless addition like trails?

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2022.01.16 15:34 crytoloover Near Protocol - Bande Annonce ( Trailer ) Blockchain

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2022.01.16 15:34 thecyclopartist20 My digimon oc!!! (Idk why she look like a sora recolor)

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